Thursday, January 25

If you wonder...

Does God care about our individual lives...meaning, does God really listen to our prayers? I have recently been reminded how easy it can be for my mind to become trapped in "life" as I put the essence of my faith way back in my thoughts and then move only my current circumstances to the front...allowing them to dominate all that I do.

Most of you are now well aware of the battle Josh Buck is waging right now. Actually, I need to word that differently. I wonder if Josh is simply the center of the battle while we're seeing what seems to be the nation coming together in prayer and fasting on Josh's behalf...almost as if we're declaring a spiritual war on his ailments and fighting this in some united way.

My faith in my Lord has been increased today as I learned of Josh's physical developements. I wonder if this is how the disciples felt after Christ had been crucified and they went off to hide...then they encounter him 3 days later...I feel empowered by what I have read, yet I also see how weak my faith had become.

If your faith is weak, and you really do wonder if the God of the universe would care about the desires of your heart. And, if you wonder if prayer has any power...please read the post here:

Living with increased faith,


Anonymous said...

Hi David & Katy - I found your blog through the link on Buck's blog. Your faith can't help but be strengthened after reading last nights posting from Josh. Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that we are also praying for a miraculous healing in your Mom's body. Our family has fought that battle as well, and we know the suffering in the valley and the growth that comes - there is hope! Just know we are joining with you in PRAYER and in FAITH for a complete healing! "The prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well." - James 5:15 In Him, Michelle (Fratzke) Fullerton and family

Susan said...

I too, found your blog through the Bucks, I am so sorry for your lose. My sister in law just lost twins at nine weeks herself and is grieving thier loss. This, on top of situations like the Bucks sometimes have me wondering what God's plan is for us all and then I read blogs like yours and the Bucks and know that through faith we get through it one day at a time and know that God really does have a plan for us, even if its path is sometimes hard to walk. Your transperency is refreshing....