Thursday, March 12

Chef Hayden

Ellie loves to feed herself, and we love to save money by mashing up fruits and veggies from home ... Hayden decided to make his own concoction today ... mashed lunch meat (turkey), bananas, and peaches. He even fed it to her!

That, my friends, is a great big brother, and this mommy is going to cherish the memory of watching it, especially on those days where hair is being pulled and toys are flying.

Wednesday, March 11

Goodbye, Old Friend

Our beloved coffee maker (deliverer of FABULOUS mornings) was laid to rest today ... after years of bringing us such caffeine-filled goodness. Though we've replaced you with the newer, "sleeker" model, we will never ever forget you.

Saturday, March 7

books, kites, and cowboys

::March 7::

Ellie really likes books ... mostly to chew on and talk to. Hayden gets her "toy basket" from her room each morning and just dumps it out in front of her ... he said that babies like to have lots and lots of toys. She actually prefers books right now ... mostly to chew on and talk to. He told his teacher that Ellie will not be able to come to school until she'll stop chewing on things ...

We got Hayden's kite out this week ... and spent so much time outside flying it ... he even realized that he could get it in the air by himself, so I was relocated to the porch to watch and ponder the joys and sadness that overcome me when I think about his growing independence.

In other news ... he thinks he is a cowboy ... hence the hat. It rarely comes off. Story below.

Daddy and Hayden confirmed their TOUGH GUY COWBOY status this week with some good old fashion gun decorating and cowboy talk. They had a great time having "shoot-outs," and mommy ended up spending lots of time in the "jail", which was the pantry ... so it was a win-win because I got lots of organizing done!

Thursday, March 5

the beach.

Hayden just said these things before I even had a chance to respond ...

I want to go to the beach.
Can we go there right now?
If there are other kids there, I will be so nice to them.
Please just let me go.
How long will it take to get there?
Can we go right now?
I'll get my flip flops ...