Tuesday, January 27

Papa! Papa! Papa!

Papa Kinnan came this way for his sermon retreat last week, and we were very thankful to get see him! Hayden (Boomer) was at his side as much as possible, and Ellie (Peaches) loved smiling at him and talking to him!

Hayden's New President

I am quite captivated by the political process, and being a history teacher, have passed that to my son. We review the globe and talk about different countries and cultures ... we thoroughly enjoy discussing the different states our family members live in and even how far it takes to get there from here. We're not quite ready for latitude and longitude, and have had countless discussions about who is the president and how he or she gets elected ... what he or she does, etc.

Hayden knows who George W. Bush is, and now is quite familiar with his new President.

The other morning he was playing with his train set, and came out screaming "Barack Obama!, Barack Obama!"

One of the townspeople from his set looks like this ...

For Hayden, who had just spent an entire morning watching him on TV, it made perfect sense ... the President is so important, he comes with train sets.

Monday, January 19

The Journey

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age."

Matthew 28:19-20

These months of ministry here at FSCC have been some of the most incredible of my life ... I have been stretched, I have learned and grown so much than I ever imagined I could ... and for each and every one of us, this is to be our life's work. As we teach, as we sweep, as we drive buses or drive cattle, we are to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

God is blessing the ministry of our church beyond our own understanding ... this weekend's worship gatherings were full of WOW moments, with several people accepting Christ into their hearts and lives for the very first time. This is how we are to live each and every day ... filled with an unexplainable urgency to share Him with others. I am praying that each and every day I grow more in my trust and love for my creator ... I'm praying that very same prayer for you. Though I will have rough days, easy days, and everything in between, He is constant and never, ever am I without Him.


Sunday, January 18

Candy and Commercials

::January 18::

A very special lady with a big heart at our church brings Hayden a little bag of candy each Sunday morning ... since we're there for all three services, he usually goes to class the first two (by his request!) and the third he'll sit in the service with me. Karey, having had little ones of her own and now grandchildren, loves to help in any way, and is always so generous!

Hayden found his beloved "Air Heads" candy this morning and put it on his nose, and told me that this is what you do when you want to go to sleep and breathe the right way. Either too many Breathe Right commercials in the thirty minutes of Lazy Town he watches each morning, or someone has a great memory. Seriously! :-)

Friday, January 16

Growing Pains

::January 16::

Our little Ellie is most definitely a morning person ... she wakes up at the same time each and every day, and is so giddy and playful ... after eating, this was what she did. Too tired from a night of fighting the teeth that insist on coming in, she rested on Mr. Cow and tried in vain to open her handbag from Mrs. Karey (thank you!) while laying down.

Bobby Kitty and Bambi

::January 16::

To continue with the randomness of this week ...

A few days ago we noticed a flyer taped to the door ... we normally go in and out through the garage since it's been frigid and there's no grass in our yard - just mud and snow. It was a MISSING poster with a picture of a cat (Bobby Kitty) and some phone numbers ... I read over it and trusting that since we're at the less-developed/populated side of the neighborhood, any missing kitty wouldn't head this way, I could trash it.

This morning David and Hayden were playing baseball in our (unfinished) basement and David saw ears behind the curtain in the window well. He went over and looked, and there was Bobby Kitty - freezing, scared, and not the best thing for my man, who is very allergic to cats! He called for me and showed me the cat, and asked me to get the flyer we'd seen earlier in the week. Oops. I ran to our neighbors and got the paper from Kelly (she's so good about keeping things - seriously! The one time I throw something away!) and started calling numbers. We wooed Bobby in with some tuna fish and put him in our carrier from pets past (which Hayden had ironically gotten out of the garage this morning to put his stuffed animal puppies in) and dropped him off at his house. What a morning!

In other animal news ...

Today was absolutely gorgeous! Nearly 50-degrees and minimal wind, and so after school Hayden was desperate to go outside and attempt to slide around on the rapidly melting snow. He opened the back doors to find these ...

Sled Boy

He cautiously went ahead and insisted on hanging out in his sled ... he didn't want anyone to pull him, but instead just slowly crawled around, trying to woo the deer over, copying what we used to get his cat friend in earlier (here, deer deer deer; here, deer deer deer). It didn't work, but he had fun.

Piano Girl
My Aunt Janet gave us a little piano for Hayden, and now Ellie is enjoying it. This is one of her very favorite things, and she and brother sing and sing. It's precious!

Thursday, January 15

Snow Daze

::January 15::

It's been a lot of fun to relax and enjoy the snow ... we're thankful that if it's going to be freezing (though some days this week have been in the 40's) it may as well be snowing!

Hayden said his snow angel was "one of God's angels."

Ellie loves hanging out and jumping.


Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This ...

::January 15::

Have you ever had one of those days that everything is a little out of the ordinary? Most days I have are just that, which I count as fantastic learning opportunities and reminders that there is perfection in the imperfections. Some days, though, are just a little tough. From melting the sink to realizing more than ever that my babies are growing up, it was a tough day!

I had the best intentions of making a healthy dinner ... sweet and sour chicken with David's favorite salad. Because I always burn the almonds for this particular salad (I actually burn things quite often), I gave extra attention to get them just right. Unfortunately, I failed to think before I put the very hot pan into the sink ... my bad. :-)

Next Up:

Hayden wants to be just like daddy. He absolutely loves to dress like him, and now has a fascination with his glasses. He asked me if pastors can be race car drivers too. I told him that they absolutely can. :-)


I love the different stages of growing up - the excitement of little ones learning new things, but I am not ready for my baby girl to be sitting up ... and cutting teeth! One is already through! Notice that she always has "baby food stains" around her mouth and nose - I can't keep up! Ha!

Sunday, January 11

Sunday Evening Conversations with Hayden and Ellie

::January 11::

A fun video or random kid-speak ... please excuse the quality of our camera (and my lack of skills)! :-)

Thursday, January 8

We Are Lego Masters!

Hayden really, really, really likes his Legos, and we always have fun building things with him. Today, we made a garage for his SUPER FAST CARS, complete with a picket fence, flowers, and a mailbox! Being that he is a guy, he found some satellites from the space ship Legos and "put them up for the tv" because every garage has a tv, right? :-)

Ellie was enamored by the building process, and had a great time watching and talking as we put it together ... in just a few short months, it may not be as civil of a building process with little sis wanting to take part!

Tuesday, January 6

cup of joe

::January 6th::

I really, really enjoy meeting with people. I love building relationships, encouraging others, listening, definitely talking, and always supporting. As I sit here at a very wonderful local coffee shop, after three hours and two "meetings," I have been doing my second favorite hobby of observing people ... not stalking, just paying attention to interactions, expressions, etc. People that come in looking absolutely worn from a hard day come alive with friends ... or even because of a homeschool chess tournament that I have been so fortunate to experience (seriously, it's actually fun ... and they're here every Tuesday night!)! That's not the point ... sorry.

Coffee shops have become such a trend ... it's the place people always go to or always talk about going to. It's a place where relationships are deepened through time spent sharing and listening and living ... over coffee.

As we constantly go from one activity or rush through our to do list, our world is becoming increasingly disconnected ... people are becoming increasingly disconnected, but I am happy to say, that at coffee shops here in beautiful Rapid City, and certainly other parts of our nation and world, wonderful (sometimes hated) coffee shops are doing their best to reconnect people, one venti non-fat light-whip mocha sugar-free cup of pure goodness at a time. I'm proud to be a part of the team! :-)

Sunday, January 4

Really? Will It Be Like This Forever?

So ... we've had the great blessing of wonderful friends, and have been spending a lot of time with many of them lately.

Hayden is at an age that is so much fun, but can also bring some feelings that can only be communicated through simple expressions ... "aaahhh" and "yikes," "gggrrrr" and so on. Bumping a wall and a plate falling off, bathroom catastrophes, loudly singing and playing crayon warriors at Olive Garden and so much more!

As such fabulous memories are being made through hours of meals and conversations and times together, we are also gathering some memories that cannot fit into a scrapbook, but will instead go down in blogger world and elsewhere only to be used for those very special times, like when he brings a girlfriend home from college (no girlfriends before, right!?) or when he has kiddos of his own.

Because one of my goals for the new year and forever is to focus more on helping my kiddos know what they CAN do rather than what they cannot, I am working hard to not be a "hover-er" and spend more time correcting when necessary, and laughing hysterically the rest of the time as I get to watch my favorite little guy experience the world in his own special way!


Ellie Grace

Ellie wore an outfit today that has been my favorite since Grandma Kerby got it for her before she was born ... she looked like a winter princess!

At six months, each day is so much fun as our dear little girl continues to grow and show us such personality!

She is absolutely, 100% infatuated by football ... whether it's the constant movement or coloring or both, but she and daddy spend a lot of time with football while Hayden and mommy are driving cars around the house! We think she gets that from my mom ... both are avid football fans! Ha!

Thursday, January 1

No More Resolutions

::January 01::

This year I have decided to end my very troubled relationship with New Year's resolutions, and will instead remind myself of things I want to do ... perhaps looking at them as goals rather than my doomed-from-the-start commitments! :-)

So ... here is my personal "Top 10 Wish List" for 2009 ...

10. i want to simply. less "stuff" really means more.
09. i want to be truly ok with a house that is not spotless in exchange for good memories.
08. i want to stop worrying about what people think and do what i know is best.
07. i want to take time to rest ... really, really rest.
06. i want to make every thought in my head and words from my mouth full of love and grace.
05. i want to spend more time at the gym and less time wishing i was there.
04. i want to have more patience. i want to have more patience. i want to have more patience.
03. i want to have more date nights with my fantastic husband.
02. i want to teach my children more of what they CAN do and less of what they can't.
01. i want to ALWAYS love without end and make my time more about serving & less about me.

Some other things I'm looking forward to in 2009 ...

1. Hayden will undoubtedly get taller, which will only remind me of the inevitable fact that he will soon be taller than me ... and eventually much taller.

2. Ellie will begin to crawl ... and walk ... and talk ... wow! That's a lot in one year!

Bring on 2009!