Friday, January 16

Bobby Kitty and Bambi

::January 16::

To continue with the randomness of this week ...

A few days ago we noticed a flyer taped to the door ... we normally go in and out through the garage since it's been frigid and there's no grass in our yard - just mud and snow. It was a MISSING poster with a picture of a cat (Bobby Kitty) and some phone numbers ... I read over it and trusting that since we're at the less-developed/populated side of the neighborhood, any missing kitty wouldn't head this way, I could trash it.

This morning David and Hayden were playing baseball in our (unfinished) basement and David saw ears behind the curtain in the window well. He went over and looked, and there was Bobby Kitty - freezing, scared, and not the best thing for my man, who is very allergic to cats! He called for me and showed me the cat, and asked me to get the flyer we'd seen earlier in the week. Oops. I ran to our neighbors and got the paper from Kelly (she's so good about keeping things - seriously! The one time I throw something away!) and started calling numbers. We wooed Bobby in with some tuna fish and put him in our carrier from pets past (which Hayden had ironically gotten out of the garage this morning to put his stuffed animal puppies in) and dropped him off at his house. What a morning!

In other animal news ...

Today was absolutely gorgeous! Nearly 50-degrees and minimal wind, and so after school Hayden was desperate to go outside and attempt to slide around on the rapidly melting snow. He opened the back doors to find these ...

Sled Boy

He cautiously went ahead and insisted on hanging out in his sled ... he didn't want anyone to pull him, but instead just slowly crawled around, trying to woo the deer over, copying what we used to get his cat friend in earlier (here, deer deer deer; here, deer deer deer). It didn't work, but he had fun.

Piano Girl
My Aunt Janet gave us a little piano for Hayden, and now Ellie is enjoying it. This is one of her very favorite things, and she and brother sing and sing. It's precious!

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Kayla said...

bobby kitty! haha. I saw a dog eating snow on the way home from work and I tried to get him to get in my car..but he growled, peed and ran away...:)