Sunday, January 4

Really? Will It Be Like This Forever?

So ... we've had the great blessing of wonderful friends, and have been spending a lot of time with many of them lately.

Hayden is at an age that is so much fun, but can also bring some feelings that can only be communicated through simple expressions ... "aaahhh" and "yikes," "gggrrrr" and so on. Bumping a wall and a plate falling off, bathroom catastrophes, loudly singing and playing crayon warriors at Olive Garden and so much more!

As such fabulous memories are being made through hours of meals and conversations and times together, we are also gathering some memories that cannot fit into a scrapbook, but will instead go down in blogger world and elsewhere only to be used for those very special times, like when he brings a girlfriend home from college (no girlfriends before, right!?) or when he has kiddos of his own.

Because one of my goals for the new year and forever is to focus more on helping my kiddos know what they CAN do rather than what they cannot, I am working hard to not be a "hover-er" and spend more time correcting when necessary, and laughing hysterically the rest of the time as I get to watch my favorite little guy experience the world in his own special way!


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