Tuesday, January 6

cup of joe

::January 6th::

I really, really enjoy meeting with people. I love building relationships, encouraging others, listening, definitely talking, and always supporting. As I sit here at a very wonderful local coffee shop, after three hours and two "meetings," I have been doing my second favorite hobby of observing people ... not stalking, just paying attention to interactions, expressions, etc. People that come in looking absolutely worn from a hard day come alive with friends ... or even because of a homeschool chess tournament that I have been so fortunate to experience (seriously, it's actually fun ... and they're here every Tuesday night!)! That's not the point ... sorry.

Coffee shops have become such a trend ... it's the place people always go to or always talk about going to. It's a place where relationships are deepened through time spent sharing and listening and living ... over coffee.

As we constantly go from one activity or rush through our to do list, our world is becoming increasingly disconnected ... people are becoming increasingly disconnected, but I am happy to say, that at coffee shops here in beautiful Rapid City, and certainly other parts of our nation and world, wonderful (sometimes hated) coffee shops are doing their best to reconnect people, one venti non-fat light-whip mocha sugar-free cup of pure goodness at a time. I'm proud to be a part of the team! :-)

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