Thursday, January 1

No More Resolutions

::January 01::

This year I have decided to end my very troubled relationship with New Year's resolutions, and will instead remind myself of things I want to do ... perhaps looking at them as goals rather than my doomed-from-the-start commitments! :-)

So ... here is my personal "Top 10 Wish List" for 2009 ...

10. i want to simply. less "stuff" really means more.
09. i want to be truly ok with a house that is not spotless in exchange for good memories.
08. i want to stop worrying about what people think and do what i know is best.
07. i want to take time to rest ... really, really rest.
06. i want to make every thought in my head and words from my mouth full of love and grace.
05. i want to spend more time at the gym and less time wishing i was there.
04. i want to have more patience. i want to have more patience. i want to have more patience.
03. i want to have more date nights with my fantastic husband.
02. i want to teach my children more of what they CAN do and less of what they can't.
01. i want to ALWAYS love without end and make my time more about serving & less about me.

Some other things I'm looking forward to in 2009 ...

1. Hayden will undoubtedly get taller, which will only remind me of the inevitable fact that he will soon be taller than me ... and eventually much taller.

2. Ellie will begin to crawl ... and walk ... and talk ... wow! That's a lot in one year!

Bring on 2009!

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