Thursday, January 8

We Are Lego Masters!

Hayden really, really, really likes his Legos, and we always have fun building things with him. Today, we made a garage for his SUPER FAST CARS, complete with a picket fence, flowers, and a mailbox! Being that he is a guy, he found some satellites from the space ship Legos and "put them up for the tv" because every garage has a tv, right? :-)

Ellie was enamored by the building process, and had a great time watching and talking as we put it together ... in just a few short months, it may not be as civil of a building process with little sis wanting to take part!


Dustin and Kayla said...

i hope my kids don't like legos bc i hate them! haha and ps Dustin never thinks kids are really cute and he always comments on how cute Ellie is!! ;)

BeLovedAiMeE said...

fun stuff!
although I have to agree, those lil legos are eeeeevil lol. I loath things that are tiny, and in pieces. I remember when Polly Pocket came back into style and Grace wanted those..I was like no way kiddo. But looks like you've got a great architect there! Great Job Hayden.