Monday, July 31

Sunday, July 30

Home, Sweet Home!

We returned safely from vacation; rested and tan! We got in Friday morning and had a retreat for our Biblical Concepts in Counseling study we facilitate with another couple at RLC - we finished today and it was an incredible time and a great ending to the 11-week study.

Hayden was thrilled to be back home with his bike and basketball goal, although he was disappointed that his pool is so much smaller than the one he spent last week in - he kept saying "No little pool ... I want my big pool!" Abby has been even more clingy, but we don't mind, and my plants are still alive after a 13 days of 100-degree plus weather, so that's a plus, too!

Tomorrow is a full day - David is preaching for a vacationing pastor at nearby Clay Center Wesleyan, then off to Salina for the Kansas District of the Wesleyan Church Praise Gathering until Wednesday ...

What an incredible God that we serve that He would provide for a vacation to help us escape the business of the world and rest in Him ... and prepare our hearts and spirits and bodies for the weeks to come (the countdown for school has begun: I have 9 more days).

Pictures will follow shortly ... We're still unpacking to repack ... :)

Saturday, July 15

Vacation, Here We Come!

West Palm Beach, Flordia


While we were at mom and dad's, there was a HUGE storm! The northeast part of Kansas always seems to get hit the worst with thunderstorms, but it wasn't too bad. We actually sat outside at first and watched the storms form around us because the air was so fresh and cool ... much better than in town ... I miss that!


Last week Hayden and I went to my parents house for a few days to visit, and to go to the Ozarks to visit my Great-Grandma Lane and Great-Aunt Ginger. Kurt came with us, and it was a great day!

Hayden loved visiting with his only Great-Great Grandma and his Great-Great Aunt, and we spent a lot of our time out side. Our little guy also took a turn at being a photographer, snapping a picture of Uncle Kurt in the kitchen. He also liked a little ceramic piano that his mommy loved too (and broke a time or two according to Grandma)! :)

Friday, July 14

Happy Birthday America!

With all the pics from the last several weeks I missed posting our 4th of July Celebration! We came back from KC on Independence Day and headed to nearby Wamego for the festival and fireworks! Hayden wasn't too happy about all of the loud crackling, but a nearby caboose in the park (and a real train that passed through right before the fireworks) helped his mood!

On July 4th, and every day we are thankful for God's blessing on us and the freedoms that we easily take for granted ... what a privilege and responsibility it is to live in this incredible nation!

Tuesday, July 11

Pictures from Ben and Kerianne Rotz

It was a beautiful wedding, and here are some more very beautiful pictures of Hayden with two people who mean so much to us ... and to him! Ben and Kerianne have been a part of Hayden's life since before he was born, and we were all so honored to be a part of their special day!

Ben and Kerianne Rotz
May 28, 2006

Monday, July 10

Indiana: Part II

Rehearsal: Practice Makes Perfect

On Friday evening we met at the church for the rehearsal ... David and Kayla posed for a picture ... Hayden and Ailee got a quick pep talk from their mommies ... then headed down the aisle! The rehearsal dinner had a Hawaiian theme in honor of the honeymoon destination!

The Big Day: Two Become One
The wedding was absolutely lovely ... and Hayden and Ailee did FANTASTIC! They were adorable; Ailee dropped the rose petals so beautifully and Hayden picked them behind her! They both sat so quietly after their big entrance - having a large supply of Twizzlers didn't hurt!

Indiana: Part I

Recently we went to Indiana for cousin Kayla's wedding, where Hayden was to be the ring bearer! Not only was it a nice getaway, but also an incredible time with family! We had a lot of fun! One of our most favorite parts of our time there was our trip to daddy's beloved PIZZA KING, where he ate many meals throughout high school and college - we tried the bbq pepperoni pizza - yummy!

Thursday, July 6

A Busy Little Guy!

Hayden is such a helper, from feeding Abby to helping one of daddy's co-workers and our friend Chasity feed her hermit crabs!

We LOVE the park! Hayden has recently loved driving his cars in the sand and splashing in the fountain!

Family Time

We had a lot of fun with Papa and Grandma Kerby this summer!

Wednesday, July 5

My Turtle!

This summer we had an unexpected guest ... a little box turtle! Although turtles are not the furry, cuddly type, Hayden quickly warmed up to our newest backyard friend, exclaiming "it's mine." He talked and talked and talked to it, but finally got frustrated with its lack of conversation skills ... we decided to paint a picture of the turtle and then go back and visit it for more discussion! :) I made the outlines and Hayden painted them in! Didn't he do a great job!

Since the turtle got in to the backyard somehow but obviously could not find its way out, Daddy and Hayden set the turtle free one evening, and Hayden insists that we pray for him often!

Kelly and Anthony

On June 24th, my best friend Kelly got married to Anthony, and it was an incredible weekend of family and fun ... we had so much fun preparing for the wedding, and even more fun during the wedding weekend. Kelly is the most graceful, genuine, compassionate, encouraging person and most importantly, a woman of God ... and God blessed me with her friendship our freshman year in college. We had a blast being roomates for two years in our sorority, and spent much time in prayer and Bible study together. I am thankful every day for her presence in my life, and am excited for God's blessing to her through Anthony, an incredible and Godly man.

After a morning of "hair and makeup" we headed back to the hotel for a quick rest. We had an Exursion Limo to bring us to the church! It was so much fun!

After the wedding their was a beautiful reception and an evening of dancing ... the Kappa's even serenaded the couple with "Dreams." Kelly and Anthony packed up and left the heat of Kansas for the heat of the Bahamas ... but they have beaches there! :)

Weddings and Weddings, and Weddings, Oh My!

We've had two more weddings to add to the excitement of the summer ... my best friend Kelly got married on June 24th, and David's cousin Kayla got married just last weekend on July 1st. Due to these matrimonial extravaganza's, we've been quite busy ... especially since the last was in Indiana!

We'll post pics soon!