Saturday, July 15


Last week Hayden and I went to my parents house for a few days to visit, and to go to the Ozarks to visit my Great-Grandma Lane and Great-Aunt Ginger. Kurt came with us, and it was a great day!

Hayden loved visiting with his only Great-Great Grandma and his Great-Great Aunt, and we spent a lot of our time out side. Our little guy also took a turn at being a photographer, snapping a picture of Uncle Kurt in the kitchen. He also liked a little ceramic piano that his mommy loved too (and broke a time or two according to Grandma)! :)


Holly said...

Man, I don't check you blog for a couple days and look how much I miss! Loved seeing all the pictures. Is Ben Rotz, Kayla Rotz's brother? She was in Chorale with us and from Kansas I'm pretty sure... Are you guys wedding'd out yet??

Anonymous said...

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