Sunday, July 30

Home, Sweet Home!

We returned safely from vacation; rested and tan! We got in Friday morning and had a retreat for our Biblical Concepts in Counseling study we facilitate with another couple at RLC - we finished today and it was an incredible time and a great ending to the 11-week study.

Hayden was thrilled to be back home with his bike and basketball goal, although he was disappointed that his pool is so much smaller than the one he spent last week in - he kept saying "No little pool ... I want my big pool!" Abby has been even more clingy, but we don't mind, and my plants are still alive after a 13 days of 100-degree plus weather, so that's a plus, too!

Tomorrow is a full day - David is preaching for a vacationing pastor at nearby Clay Center Wesleyan, then off to Salina for the Kansas District of the Wesleyan Church Praise Gathering until Wednesday ...

What an incredible God that we serve that He would provide for a vacation to help us escape the business of the world and rest in Him ... and prepare our hearts and spirits and bodies for the weeks to come (the countdown for school has begun: I have 9 more days).

Pictures will follow shortly ... We're still unpacking to repack ... :)


Jodi said...

Glad you guys made it home safely and had a good time (being there AND coming home)! Can't wait to see the pictures!

the lambs said...

9 more days, are you kidding? Wow. I remember school starting late August. I guess it's getting earlier here too.