Saturday, December 23

It's over

For almost 3 years I've wanted to type: "I'm done working at Big Brothers Big Sisters". Well, I'm done working at Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Saturday, December 9

Man of the Month: Bing Crosby

Road Trip...
It's almost been a month since we last seems like a lot of blogs are struggling to update more than once a month. With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and all the travelling enters warp speed.

Since our last post, we travelled to Marion, Indiana to celebrate Thanksgiving with both sets of my grandparents and extended family. We look forward to this trip every year...our family is fun.

Last Month...
When December 1st came, that meant I was officially in my last month at Big Brothers Big words explain the good emotions we're all feeling about this.

Unexpected News...
Many of you know this, but a couple of weeks ago my mom was diagnosed with cancer. Shocked...stunned...scared...sad...shocked again....all emotions we've felt. Now, we know that cancer is unfortunately a part of life for a large majority of people. We also have a peace that our Lord is a part of these circumstances and He'll definitely take care of my mom, but that doesn't erase the natural emotions of fear and shock that anyone would feel.

We're in the "waiting period"...wondering what is next in regards to appointments, treaments an solutions. Many of you have e-mailed and called...some calls I haven't returned just yet...give me some time :)

So...please pray for my mom.

Horizon Award...
The Kansas Department of Education has an award given to a first year teacher who has shown outstanding perfermance. My wife just received unofficial news that she will be one of the recipients of the award. In February, she'll travel to Topeka so she can recognized for being the best teacher in the entire world...yeah...the entire world. (To me, anyway!). If you look at the numbers, Katy has been deemed one of the best new teachers out a pool of thousands of teachers!

I believe we have 5 or 6 Christmas that weird?

I hope you're enjoying the season...if you're like me, you've got the "All Christmas Music" station programed in your've doctored up your MySpace to reflect snowflakes...and you've already had more Christmas cookies and candies than you'd care to admit.

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas,