Thursday, June 30

Play Date in the Park!

Yesterday morning Hayden and I met Lilu and her mommy, Migi, and Kyra and her mommy, Becky at the park! We spent the whole morning there and while the kids had a great time running themselves silly ... we moms had a great time gabbing away!

Hayden LOVED this little wheel and was enamored with it for the longest time!

But then he discovered the "big boy swing" and was unwilling to get down for anything ... even snack time!

After Hayden and Lilu got down from swinging, we took a long walk around the park where they got to smell the flowers ... Hayden was kind enough to help the gardeners out by pulling some of them! (AAAHHH!)

We've had an absolutely wonderful week with other great families ... on Tuesday Hayden was invited to swim at Kyler and Kaden's house which was so much fun, because I hadn't seen Amy (their mom) forever, and she and her husband Chris have been such wonderful friends and encouragers for David and I!

Today, Hayden and I will be heading North to go to my parent's house while David has a softball tournament this weekend ... we'll fill you in on all the great details about our trips when we get back!


Monday, June 27

Women's Brunch

We had such a great turn out to the brunch on Saturday morning! David and Hayden came out early with me to help set up the projector and sound system! The morning went on without a hitch and words cannot express my excitement and thankfulness for such a wonderful group of women ... such blessings to me ... and to Real Life Church!

The morning started with introductions, where I spoke a bit about the book that I had read that inspired me to name this brunch our "FRUITful Gathering." We played a fabulous ice-breaker game that even had "fruit inspired" prizes for the winners ... "Berry Reliable" nail polish, a copy of the "Naked Fruit" book, Mike and Ike Fruit Candy, and some Cherry-Blossom lotion from Bath and Body Works! It was so much fun ... then we had a lot of great food to eat ... and then musical worship time! Finally, I jabbered a bit more and read from Galations 5:22-23 and then we had "table talk" where women picked one or two of the Fruits of the Spirits and read a verse and answered reflection questions that were provided on a pamphlet I'd made ... it was such a great time of fellowship and sharing ... and food!

Wednesday, June 22

Parks, Papa, and Dave's BBQ

Today is Mom Kerby's official b-day, even though we had her celebration a few weeks ago ... Happy Birthday, Mom! We Love You!

Yesterday was such a busy day! In the morning we went to the park with other moms and kids from our M.O.P.S. group (Mothers of Preschoolers) from Westview and other area churches. I was impressed to see how well Hayden kept up with the older boys ... he can run and climb and is absolutely fearless (so I was never too far away)! Hayden and I had a great time and were definitely exhausted afterwards ... and spent quite some time getting all the sand off of ourselves!

Hayden LOVES to swing ... this swing was the only one not taken when we got there, and ended up being the only one Hayden wanted to ride for the whole morning. He must like all the room it has ... I myself like that it has a seatbelt to keep him put!

In true Hayden fashion, we went through several cups of water! We have the thirstiest boy in the world ... if that's even a word!

David had a KS District meeting in Topeka all afternoon, so we got to go with him and visit Grandpa Kerby at work ... he works in the Docking State Office Building right across the street from the capital, so we got a great picture of it! Hayden had a blast playing outside with "Papa" and we even got to see some firetrucks while we were out there!

Today we went to lunch with David and his co-workers; Roy, Chasity, and Eunice. I know it'll be a surprise to all of you who know David ... but we went to Dave's BBQ!

David spoiled us by using his gift card ... what a wonderful husband and daddy! Hayden enjoyed his chicken tenders and fries, but thought he might like to try mommy's salad ... well ... maybe just the dressing!

This evening marks the first of five Wednesdays that I'll be co-leading a women's Bible study with Kodee, (and awesome friend). We'll be taking the ladies through Nicole Johnson's study "Fresh Brewed Life: A Stirring Invitation to Wake Up Your Soul." I'm pumped!

I am also preparing for our monthly women's brunch which will be held this Saturday ... it's entitled "A FRUITful Gathering: Learning to Live Out the Fruits of the Spirits in Our Lives!" I was inspired to focus on these fruits Paul describes in Galations after reading the book "Naked Fruit" by Elise Morgan. Ladies ... it's incredible! Read it!

Alright ... Hayden is waking up and we're going to go water the flowers and play some basketball outside until it gets too hot ... unless it's already too hot ... then we'll break the "rules" and just play basketball in the house! :)

Have a Beautiful Day!

Monday, June 20

King for a Day

As you know, Sunday was "Father's Day" and in our house it felt like I was king for a entire day! Waking up later than usual because Katy had already taken care of Hayden, I took my zombie looking self into the living room to be with my family. Once there, I was served a hot, heaping portion of breakfast casserole (my fav b-fast food). This delicious meal was accompanied with a nice, carmel colored coffee...just the way I like it.

We just relaxed during the morning, enjoying each other. Katy has an inability to keep surprises a secret, so by Friday, I'd received a portion of my "Father's Day gift": a bottle of smart water (what's dumb water?) and white/royal blue batting gloves! Ladies and gentlemen, the softball uniform is now complete.

On we make our way to the actual "special day"...I was given Coldplay's new album. It's incredible...I like #3.

Well, now we're back to the actual Father's Day. I'm working on my breakfast casserole and Katy brings in a bag...I open it and find a GIFT CARD TO FAMOUS DAVE'S BBQ!! Oh my! To top that off, Katy took us all out to FAMOUS DAVES! I didn't even have to use my new a woman!

We got to Famous Dave's and had to wait for a while to dine on the delicious ribs. Here, Hayden is pretending to be our "driver" for the day:

My father's day was wonderful. Later that evening, Katy and I got to work in the nursery together! That never happens! Let me say, the children were especially well behaved.

So, dad's of the wife is better than yours!

Saturday, June 18

So Much Fun!

Today Real Life Church had a "Community Block Party" and invited neighbors from the surrounding communities to come and learn more about our church, eat a free lunch, and enjoy some great games!

David was working there all day, and Hayden and I went out all morning ... he and Ben loved playing on all of the games ... he's snoozing now ... exhausted from all that playing!

It's Official!

I am a college graduate! Our mailman delivered my diploma to our door yesterday afternoon ... I was getting ready for my interview for a position at Junction City Middle School! I went for one and then had another that had been scheduled for this Monday ... it was that second position that totally intrigued me ... and following the interview they offered me the position! Praise the Lord! I'm so excited and will give more details to come! I'm so thankful to be working in this district! They're fabulous!

Hayden posed with me before giving me a "bye-bye" kiss and wishing me good luck!

Wednesday, June 15

Batman Begins

Went to the midnight showing of BATMAN BEGINS last night with 10 other people from our church. As I'm half asleep right now...from what I remember it's a good movie! Not sure how Katie Holmes got her part, but it was exciting to see how Batman started off.

Go see it.

Tuesday, June 14

We need a favor

Katy has just recently applied for two different teaching positions in our area:

1. A local Christian school needs a History, Bible and possibly English teacher. It's certainly not "ideal" but it would allow her to teach, which she finds very fulfilling. It would involve a lot of prep work...6 different lessons plans everyday because of the different subjects. If you're a teacher, you understand the difficulty in that requirement. However, she'd be in an environment where sharing her faith isn't illegal.

2 Junction City Middle School is searching for a Special Education teacher. Again, at first glance, this isn't ideal...but it's teaching! The school would pay for Katy to obtain her Special Education certification while she taught and some of her school loans would automatically be forgiven by teaching in this district. She enjoys this district and it has familiarity in that she student taught in the High School.

Katy submitted her applications to both schools...she has an interview with the Junction City Middle School on Friday at 2 pm (Central time). The Christian school would like to have a good knowledge of who they intend to hire by Friday of this week.

Here's the favor: Would you pray that we have wisdom in evaluating and engaging this possible opportunities? Perhaps Katy will interview and feel that niether situation is best for her, but maybe this is the open door/confirmation that we have been asking God to reveal. Either way, we'd like you to be part of our lives by talking to God about us. We're not requesting one or the other...we want to know what is best for us. Our hope is that we see God's will...not just ours.

Thanks...and...if we can ever do you a favor, we'd enjoy the opportunity.

Now, back to my unfulfilling job...haha!

Saturday, June 11

Family Day!

Today was such a very special day ... although weeks before her birthday, we had a day of celebration for my mom, who deserves a day completely dedicated to her more than anyone I know!

Aunt Marla and Uncle Kirby were terrific hosts for our gathering, complete with smoked ribs (David's favorite), grilled salmon, and of course, hamburgers and hot dogs! We had a great time and enjoyed spending an afternoon with family!

We Love You, Mom!

Hayden enjoyed playing with his cousins! They were "building a house" on Marla and Kirby's deck ... and I must say, were very focused and efficient builders! It's so much fun to watch him interact with other little guys his age ... they seem to get along so much better and have so many less "skirmishes" than when he plays with little girls ... but between the many girls in the church nursery who outnumber the boys by far and cousins Ailee and Liz, he's usually always around girls ... what to do, what to do.

I've realized that we have so few " lovey dovey" pictures (aka pictures of David and I) that I am now going to take every opportunity to have one taken ... so here you go!

We hope that your day has been as special as ours ... nothing like refueling with family (and some great food!). It's truly a blessing to have families that love us and encourage us and are just so much fun to be around ... I pray that today and always you will find peace and comfort in a "family," whether it be friends or relatives, church members or the quiet moments with the Lord ...

In His Grip,

Friday, June 10

Long Walks and Fruit Smoothies

Yesterday evening after having Chicken Zuchinni Pasta we decided that it was time to reinstate a Kinnan family tradition ... evening walks! Since before Hayden was born, we loved to go on long strolls that would take hours just to enjoy each other's company and to be outside in the crisp evening air!

So, we started out on our walk ... chose a new path around the town ... well, part of the town, and began. The air wasn't as "crisp" as we would have liked ... it was more like a breezy sauna, but nonetheless, we enjoyed ourselves and one and a half hours later we came home and decided that a fruit smoothie would be just the thing to cool us off.

MMMMMM ... strawberry and banana smoothie ...

Saturday, June 4

peace in the midst of the storm

Wow, what a weekend! Thursday Kathy (mom-in-law) called and said that they had an extra ticket for the Women of Faith Conference in Kansas City ... yes! I've been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to hear many of the speakers that travel in this amazing tour and was so thankful for the opportunity to get to go ... especially with my mom-in law and sister-in-law!

Friday the conference began at 9am, so, in preparation of the two-hour journey to their church in Overland Park I woke up at 430am and left the house at 500am ... wow, that was early! After a quick stop for very expensive gasoline (college town!), I started a drive that I had been looking forward too ... some time in the car with just me and God ... and the radio ... and my singing! :)

Not even 20 minutes into the drive ... right before I got onto the interstate a wall of rain pounded the car and it quickly began to hail ... not good! First of all, I'm not fond of driving in the dark ... and especially not in thunderstorms. So, with all of the other drivers on the road, I pulled into the closest gas station and waited it out, calling David several times to express my anguish and have him look up the weather report to know where this crazy storm was coming from and how long it was going to last!

All that said, I finally made it to KC ... it took me a little over 5 hours (the storm was only going 15 miles/hour, so after it stopped one place I'd start driving again and it'd catch up, so I just planted myself at Starbucks for awhile and waited for it to completely pass). The pre-conference that was held Friday morning was absolutely amazing, with Marilyn Meberg and Kathy Troccoli speaking on the topic "God at Your Wits End" ... how fitting!

I cannot say enough about the morning session ... it was absolutely amazing, and God reminded me how He is the “peace in the midst of the storm” ... He guided me through that long trip to Kansas City and comforted me in my panic/distress ... but that's not the only way He encouraged me on Friday, and the whole weekend for that matter. I believe that many times, we are so busy doing "life" that we forget to live life! In the midst of the chaos of life ... full schedules ... screaming (or very independent) toddlers ... errands to run ... dinners to make ... we get caught up in a storm that quickly overtakes us ... but God is the peace, the calm in the calamity! Jennifer Rothschild (who has an AMAZING testimony) spoke a powerful truth ... "it may not be well with our circumstance, but it IS well with our souls!" ... God is so great, and in the midst of life's storms, He is there ... He will never leave ... He will always love ... and that is such a message of hope! God is Good!

After a great afternoon break of walking through downtown Kansas City ... the City Market, the great little Italian Bistro ... the antique shops ... the very, very steep hills, we returned for the opening of the conference ... we heard Nicole Johnson and Pasty Clairmont, who were two women that I've been so excited to see! Everything was just beautiful ... what a breath of fresh air to be in an arena packed full of women who love the Lord and want to worship Him and learn about how to better serve Him ... an amazing experience!

This morning was an early one (and a wet one) but we made it and even had some time to spare for family pictures in our great seats!

After a weekend of great lessons and a very treasured time with Kathy and Heather I headed back home to my boys ... I had only been gone for a day and a half and already missed them terribly!

I pray that in the midst of the life, you direct your focus to the Lord; to knowing Him, to loving Him, to serving Him ... I guarantee that if you commit every breath, every minute, every day to the Lord, He will enrich your life with such purpose and peace, that no storm (not even a really, really scary one) will get you down!

Blessings To You!

Thursday, June 2

Memorial Day Weekend

In the late afternoon hours of Friday, May 27, we set out on our first "mini-vacation" in months! We had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed every second with our families!

Our first family picture in months!

Grandma and Grandpa Kinnan got this slide for Ailee and Hayden ... they played forever on it and had a great time!

So ... Ailee and Hayden had lots of fun, especially when they were playing "follow the leader." This little game seemed to involve one of them doing something silly and the other joining it. From squaking to crawling, they wore themselves out quickly!

After an afternoon of play, they came into the house to get a drink and to cool off ... and of course, to look in the mirror and have a deep conversation about who was looking at them!

I thought sweet little Ailee with her precious pigtails couldn't get any cuter, but her mommy (Heather) painted her nails ... adorable! We had so much fun with her and enjoyed listening to her talk to us ... her vocabulary is growing and she's so smart ... and growing up so fast!

More pictures to come!
We Love You!