Monday, June 27

Women's Brunch

We had such a great turn out to the brunch on Saturday morning! David and Hayden came out early with me to help set up the projector and sound system! The morning went on without a hitch and words cannot express my excitement and thankfulness for such a wonderful group of women ... such blessings to me ... and to Real Life Church!

The morning started with introductions, where I spoke a bit about the book that I had read that inspired me to name this brunch our "FRUITful Gathering." We played a fabulous ice-breaker game that even had "fruit inspired" prizes for the winners ... "Berry Reliable" nail polish, a copy of the "Naked Fruit" book, Mike and Ike Fruit Candy, and some Cherry-Blossom lotion from Bath and Body Works! It was so much fun ... then we had a lot of great food to eat ... and then musical worship time! Finally, I jabbered a bit more and read from Galations 5:22-23 and then we had "table talk" where women picked one or two of the Fruits of the Spirits and read a verse and answered reflection questions that were provided on a pamphlet I'd made ... it was such a great time of fellowship and sharing ... and food!

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Bri said...

What's with the fancy pants website all of a sudden?? I like it. Nice Work.