Monday, June 20

King for a Day

As you know, Sunday was "Father's Day" and in our house it felt like I was king for a entire day! Waking up later than usual because Katy had already taken care of Hayden, I took my zombie looking self into the living room to be with my family. Once there, I was served a hot, heaping portion of breakfast casserole (my fav b-fast food). This delicious meal was accompanied with a nice, carmel colored coffee...just the way I like it.

We just relaxed during the morning, enjoying each other. Katy has an inability to keep surprises a secret, so by Friday, I'd received a portion of my "Father's Day gift": a bottle of smart water (what's dumb water?) and white/royal blue batting gloves! Ladies and gentlemen, the softball uniform is now complete.

On we make our way to the actual "special day"...I was given Coldplay's new album. It's incredible...I like #3.

Well, now we're back to the actual Father's Day. I'm working on my breakfast casserole and Katy brings in a bag...I open it and find a GIFT CARD TO FAMOUS DAVE'S BBQ!! Oh my! To top that off, Katy took us all out to FAMOUS DAVES! I didn't even have to use my new a woman!

We got to Famous Dave's and had to wait for a while to dine on the delicious ribs. Here, Hayden is pretending to be our "driver" for the day:

My father's day was wonderful. Later that evening, Katy and I got to work in the nursery together! That never happens! Let me say, the children were especially well behaved.

So, dad's of the wife is better than yours!

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