Thursday, June 30

Play Date in the Park!

Yesterday morning Hayden and I met Lilu and her mommy, Migi, and Kyra and her mommy, Becky at the park! We spent the whole morning there and while the kids had a great time running themselves silly ... we moms had a great time gabbing away!

Hayden LOVED this little wheel and was enamored with it for the longest time!

But then he discovered the "big boy swing" and was unwilling to get down for anything ... even snack time!

After Hayden and Lilu got down from swinging, we took a long walk around the park where they got to smell the flowers ... Hayden was kind enough to help the gardeners out by pulling some of them! (AAAHHH!)

We've had an absolutely wonderful week with other great families ... on Tuesday Hayden was invited to swim at Kyler and Kaden's house which was so much fun, because I hadn't seen Amy (their mom) forever, and she and her husband Chris have been such wonderful friends and encouragers for David and I!

Today, Hayden and I will be heading North to go to my parent's house while David has a softball tournament this weekend ... we'll fill you in on all the great details about our trips when we get back!


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