Saturday, June 11

Family Day!

Today was such a very special day ... although weeks before her birthday, we had a day of celebration for my mom, who deserves a day completely dedicated to her more than anyone I know!

Aunt Marla and Uncle Kirby were terrific hosts for our gathering, complete with smoked ribs (David's favorite), grilled salmon, and of course, hamburgers and hot dogs! We had a great time and enjoyed spending an afternoon with family!

We Love You, Mom!

Hayden enjoyed playing with his cousins! They were "building a house" on Marla and Kirby's deck ... and I must say, were very focused and efficient builders! It's so much fun to watch him interact with other little guys his age ... they seem to get along so much better and have so many less "skirmishes" than when he plays with little girls ... but between the many girls in the church nursery who outnumber the boys by far and cousins Ailee and Liz, he's usually always around girls ... what to do, what to do.

I've realized that we have so few " lovey dovey" pictures (aka pictures of David and I) that I am now going to take every opportunity to have one taken ... so here you go!

We hope that your day has been as special as ours ... nothing like refueling with family (and some great food!). It's truly a blessing to have families that love us and encourage us and are just so much fun to be around ... I pray that today and always you will find peace and comfort in a "family," whether it be friends or relatives, church members or the quiet moments with the Lord ...

In His Grip,

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