Wednesday, June 22

Parks, Papa, and Dave's BBQ

Today is Mom Kerby's official b-day, even though we had her celebration a few weeks ago ... Happy Birthday, Mom! We Love You!

Yesterday was such a busy day! In the morning we went to the park with other moms and kids from our M.O.P.S. group (Mothers of Preschoolers) from Westview and other area churches. I was impressed to see how well Hayden kept up with the older boys ... he can run and climb and is absolutely fearless (so I was never too far away)! Hayden and I had a great time and were definitely exhausted afterwards ... and spent quite some time getting all the sand off of ourselves!

Hayden LOVES to swing ... this swing was the only one not taken when we got there, and ended up being the only one Hayden wanted to ride for the whole morning. He must like all the room it has ... I myself like that it has a seatbelt to keep him put!

In true Hayden fashion, we went through several cups of water! We have the thirstiest boy in the world ... if that's even a word!

David had a KS District meeting in Topeka all afternoon, so we got to go with him and visit Grandpa Kerby at work ... he works in the Docking State Office Building right across the street from the capital, so we got a great picture of it! Hayden had a blast playing outside with "Papa" and we even got to see some firetrucks while we were out there!

Today we went to lunch with David and his co-workers; Roy, Chasity, and Eunice. I know it'll be a surprise to all of you who know David ... but we went to Dave's BBQ!

David spoiled us by using his gift card ... what a wonderful husband and daddy! Hayden enjoyed his chicken tenders and fries, but thought he might like to try mommy's salad ... well ... maybe just the dressing!

This evening marks the first of five Wednesdays that I'll be co-leading a women's Bible study with Kodee, (and awesome friend). We'll be taking the ladies through Nicole Johnson's study "Fresh Brewed Life: A Stirring Invitation to Wake Up Your Soul." I'm pumped!

I am also preparing for our monthly women's brunch which will be held this Saturday ... it's entitled "A FRUITful Gathering: Learning to Live Out the Fruits of the Spirits in Our Lives!" I was inspired to focus on these fruits Paul describes in Galations after reading the book "Naked Fruit" by Elise Morgan. Ladies ... it's incredible! Read it!

Alright ... Hayden is waking up and we're going to go water the flowers and play some basketball outside until it gets too hot ... unless it's already too hot ... then we'll break the "rules" and just play basketball in the house! :)

Have a Beautiful Day!

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