Tuesday, June 14

We need a favor

Katy has just recently applied for two different teaching positions in our area:

1. A local Christian school needs a History, Bible and possibly English teacher. It's certainly not "ideal" but it would allow her to teach, which she finds very fulfilling. It would involve a lot of prep work...6 different lessons plans everyday because of the different subjects. If you're a teacher, you understand the difficulty in that requirement. However, she'd be in an environment where sharing her faith isn't illegal.

2 Junction City Middle School is searching for a Special Education teacher. Again, at first glance, this isn't ideal...but it's teaching! The school would pay for Katy to obtain her Special Education certification while she taught and some of her school loans would automatically be forgiven by teaching in this district. She enjoys this district and it has familiarity in that she student taught in the High School.

Katy submitted her applications to both schools...she has an interview with the Junction City Middle School on Friday at 2 pm (Central time). The Christian school would like to have a good knowledge of who they intend to hire by Friday of this week.

Here's the favor: Would you pray that we have wisdom in evaluating and engaging this possible opportunities? Perhaps Katy will interview and feel that niether situation is best for her, but maybe this is the open door/confirmation that we have been asking God to reveal. Either way, we'd like you to be part of our lives by talking to God about us. We're not requesting one or the other...we want to know what is best for us. Our hope is that we see God's will...not just ours.

Thanks...and...if we can ever do you a favor, we'd enjoy the opportunity.

Now, back to my unfulfilling job...haha!

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