Monday, December 24

Between the darkness of the ice storm and the holiday season we neglected to share some pictures with you!

Decorating for Christmas ...

Uncle Kurt Graduates from the University of Kansas (Go JAYHAWKS!)

Hayden Practiced His Photography Skills at the Reception!

We also had a fun evening watching the Green Bay Packers on TV - we're not really big fans, but Laughlin is a cheese-head and shared it with Hayden!

Monday, December 17

Powerless...NO MORE!

We have power! It's so wonderful!

Friday, December 14


We just had a major ice storm swoop in on Monday evening leaving us without any electricity for almost a week now. We're warming up at David's parent's house in KC over the weekend with hope our power is restored when we return Sunday afternoon.

Click HERE for pictures.

Thursday, December 6

First Snow

We just had a our first snow last night and through this morning. Hayden has some new snowpants he's been "super excited" to wear. So, this afternoon (after his Dentist appt.), we played in the snow: