Saturday, January 28

A Full Monday!

Kansas State University welcomed our Commander-in-Chief George W. Bush to Manhattan last Monday as a speaker for the Landon Lecture series. Tickets were only offered to KSU students and staff, so we were a no go for the speech. There were hundreds of Ft. Riley soldiers there, many of whom had just returned from Iraq, and it was moving to see so many there (as we watched the reruns on the college news channel). He spoke for about an hour and answered questions on numerous topics, from the war on terror to recent movies. Don't ask!

David stood by the road and took this picture:

President Bush is in the SUV w/ flags on the front...or so they would have us believe.

Migi's husband Chris returned from Iraq on Monday afternoon, too, so a full day of excitement! We are so blessed for their presence in our lives and thanking the Lord for His protection over Chris, Migi, and Lilu while they were a part. God is SO GOOD!

Sunday, January 22

Splish Splash

Some kids have a "blankie," others have a teddy bear. Toddlers are known to enjoy having things of comfort around them ... our little guy is no different ... but has no favorite blanket or bear. He has TIGER! The furry little feline was our only purchase on Hayden's very first trip to the zoo right after his 1st birthday. He wanted nothing to do with it for the first few months he owned it, and it really just sat on a shelf in his room. One day he decided to play with it, and has literally clung to him ever since.

Last week during dinner, Hayden decided that his beloved Tiger was thirsty, and poured his chocolate milk all over his little friend. It was a mess, and so Tiger went in the hamper, much to the dismay of our little guy! Instead of just throwing it in the wash, I thought it might be a nice opportunity for a "teachable moment," for Hayden to get to wash Tiger ... perhaps it'd make him decide that the mess was not worth giving Tiger any more chocolate milk, and he could help clean his best buddy.


The "rinse" cycle ...

So ... the whole "this cleaning the Tiger is so horrible I will never pour chocolate milk on him again" didn't really work, because Hayden LOVED giving the bath ... so after the second one, we convinced him it was time to dry Tiger off and wait a few more days ... or weeks, before venturing to the sink again. It was an incredible opportunity for us to get to see Hayden's gentler side ... instead of putting Tiger in his trucks and ramming them into a wall, he was incredibly nurturing and gentle. PRECIOUS! NExt time we'll just give Tiger a bath BEFORE there is any chocolate milk involved! What a great little boy we have! :)

The Blessing of Family

During the month of January, we have had the blessing of hosting numerous family members ...

Dad and Mom Kinnan, along with Jeff, Heather, and Ailee came up for the first Sunday of this month to hear David preach! Afterwards we got some quality time in with them during dinner at Famous Dave's, and they even spent the night! It was a great time to just relax and enjoy each other, and we love to play "hosts."

Aunt Donna and Kendra were in Topeka the week after for a National Cheer competition. We went over to see, but just missed the competition. We did, however, get to go out to eat with them and Hayden loved hanging out with Kendra! He carries her picture around with him every where now, and we can't wait to see them again! Maybe when we head up to South Dakota for Andrew's graduation!

Uncle Pete came to visit the next week, and we helped him fill out his application to K-State! We're crossing our fingers that he becomes a Wildcat so we can have him even closer to us!

Dad and Mom Kerby and Uncle Kurt came down yesterday. Kurt is preparing to leave for Scotland, where he'll be studying at Sterling for the semester. He is a Jayhawk from KU, so this is going to be quite a change for him. We ate at the Chinese Buffet (Dad and David's favorite - after Famous Dave's, of course!) and enjoyed a day of hanging out ... and shopping!

We're horrible ... so much fun we didn't take many pictures! :(

Thank you all for visiting! We Love You!

Traveling Light

The Lord has truly blessed our Women's Ministry at Real Life Church! It has grown and, with the enormous efforts of Migi, who is the co-director with me (though she is the real visionary), we are growing by leaps and bounds! Our monthly brunches have been an amazing time of fellowship, and after the 40 Days of Purpose studies, it was again time to launch another season of studies. Due to the incredible growth, we decided that two studies would be best ... one at the church office (Migi and Becky would lead), and one at a coffee shop in a nearby town (I'd lead). So ... Wednesday, January 4th marked the beginning of a 10-week journey through Max Lucado's book "Traveling Light." The book explores Psalm 23 and helps readers become equipped to lay down their loads at Christ’s feet ... to stop trying to bear our burdens, and those of others. Through scriptural insights, the book is an amazing read and perfect for a Bible study.

After three weeks of meeting with the women (we've had an average of 12 at the Lincoln Perk each Wednesday evening!), I am amazed at the incredible fellowship that has taken place, as well as the awesome insights that the Lord has filled each woman with as we discuss what we've read, and study the scriptures together to gain insights into how to apply the word of God in order to break free from whatever burdens we carry. It has been amazing! This is not the first, or even second time I've read the book, but each time I do it gets better and better, with new insights and opportunities to grow. Thank you, Lord!

Sunday, January 8

Operation Overhaul

This past Wednesday I went back to school for Inservice, and then on Thursday the students came back. I got to school earlier than I'd ever imagined possible on Wednesday morning and worked hard to totally rearrange my room! I am very pleased with the results!

Hanging Around ...

I had two weeks off for the holiday's, and David had two weeks off from Big Brothers Big Sisters, although he kept very busy with Real Life Church! It was such a wonderful time of relaxation ... and spending quality family time together! David left for LOGOS on Tuesday and so Hayden and I went back to the Kerby's for a few days ... but not before some hang-out time at home!

Grilled Cheese

Hayden enjoyed his first ever grilled cheese/tomato soup combo meal ... he LOVED IT! He has always liked anything with cheese on it, but the addition of the tomato soup put his appetite over the edge ... he ate way too much for dinner that night!

Sick Day Spent with Chickens

Hayden got the yucky cold that everyone seems to have gotten over the holiday's, so we spend some days inside. He got to watch "Chicken Run," his newest favorite movie!

ABC's for Dinner

Hayden has Leap Frog magnets that help him to learn the letters of the alphabet. While I make dinner, he loves to hang out with me in the kitchen, and keeps himself and me entertained by singing along with the frog!

So Much to be Thankful For!

An early Christmas at home ... Christmas Eve-Eve-Eve

Before we left Manhattan to spend the holiday weekend with family, we had our very first Christmas eve and Christmas morning at home ... just a few days before the actual holiday! :) We read the Christmas story from the Bible and had a Christmas eve dinner that will surely be a yearly tradition! Christmas morning we had a big breakfast and opened some presents ... Hayden loved his movie!

Christmas Eve-Eve

On Thursday afternoon we headed for Olathe to have an early Christmas Eve/Christmas time with the Kinnan's. After an evening of enjoying the sights and sounds of the Plaza in Kansas City and enjoying Bucca De Beppo for dinner, we headed back to their house for some family time! We got our traditional Christmas Eve pajamas (Hayden's with a fire truck on them), and Hayden and Ailee opened a present ... one that will never, ever be put down! Grandma and Grandpa got them each their own guitar, and they were glued to it ... singing, dancing, and performing for us for quite awhile before bedtime!

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with the Kerby's! Hayden and Liz loved looking out the windows to see all of the bright lights outside! We enjoyed an evening of very delicious lasagna (a Kerby-Christmas Eve tradition!) and relaxation! On Christmas morning we had a breakfast fit for kings and Hayden got another prized gift - a firetruck! Needless to say, we will not be purchasing any toys for a long time!

After an exciting and family-filled weekend we headed back home for our Christmas service at church ... it was an amazing time!

We are so blessed and forever thankful for the gift of family that the Lord has given us ... to know that in this season of love that we have others to celebrate the birth of our Lord with!