Sunday, January 8

Hanging Around ...

I had two weeks off for the holiday's, and David had two weeks off from Big Brothers Big Sisters, although he kept very busy with Real Life Church! It was such a wonderful time of relaxation ... and spending quality family time together! David left for LOGOS on Tuesday and so Hayden and I went back to the Kerby's for a few days ... but not before some hang-out time at home!

Grilled Cheese

Hayden enjoyed his first ever grilled cheese/tomato soup combo meal ... he LOVED IT! He has always liked anything with cheese on it, but the addition of the tomato soup put his appetite over the edge ... he ate way too much for dinner that night!

Sick Day Spent with Chickens

Hayden got the yucky cold that everyone seems to have gotten over the holiday's, so we spend some days inside. He got to watch "Chicken Run," his newest favorite movie!

ABC's for Dinner

Hayden has Leap Frog magnets that help him to learn the letters of the alphabet. While I make dinner, he loves to hang out with me in the kitchen, and keeps himself and me entertained by singing along with the frog!

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Holly said...

Hey Dave and Katy!
Loved all the Christmas pictures. Nice to see some of Heather,too!! I hate to ask this, but Katy, I'm assuming you're a teacher?? What grade? Your room looks great!!