Sunday, January 22

The Blessing of Family

During the month of January, we have had the blessing of hosting numerous family members ...

Dad and Mom Kinnan, along with Jeff, Heather, and Ailee came up for the first Sunday of this month to hear David preach! Afterwards we got some quality time in with them during dinner at Famous Dave's, and they even spent the night! It was a great time to just relax and enjoy each other, and we love to play "hosts."

Aunt Donna and Kendra were in Topeka the week after for a National Cheer competition. We went over to see, but just missed the competition. We did, however, get to go out to eat with them and Hayden loved hanging out with Kendra! He carries her picture around with him every where now, and we can't wait to see them again! Maybe when we head up to South Dakota for Andrew's graduation!

Uncle Pete came to visit the next week, and we helped him fill out his application to K-State! We're crossing our fingers that he becomes a Wildcat so we can have him even closer to us!

Dad and Mom Kerby and Uncle Kurt came down yesterday. Kurt is preparing to leave for Scotland, where he'll be studying at Sterling for the semester. He is a Jayhawk from KU, so this is going to be quite a change for him. We ate at the Chinese Buffet (Dad and David's favorite - after Famous Dave's, of course!) and enjoyed a day of hanging out ... and shopping!

We're horrible ... so much fun we didn't take many pictures! :(

Thank you all for visiting! We Love You!

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