Saturday, January 28

A Full Monday!

Kansas State University welcomed our Commander-in-Chief George W. Bush to Manhattan last Monday as a speaker for the Landon Lecture series. Tickets were only offered to KSU students and staff, so we were a no go for the speech. There were hundreds of Ft. Riley soldiers there, many of whom had just returned from Iraq, and it was moving to see so many there (as we watched the reruns on the college news channel). He spoke for about an hour and answered questions on numerous topics, from the war on terror to recent movies. Don't ask!

David stood by the road and took this picture:

President Bush is in the SUV w/ flags on the front...or so they would have us believe.

Migi's husband Chris returned from Iraq on Monday afternoon, too, so a full day of excitement! We are so blessed for their presence in our lives and thanking the Lord for His protection over Chris, Migi, and Lilu while they were a part. God is SO GOOD!


Holly said...

Cool!! Totally blog worthy. I did see his comments on certain movies. Hilarious!!!

Josh and Cammie Delph said...

How awesome!! I wished we didn't live so stinking far away from all the "exciting" parts of Kansas!!

Tony Myles said...

Wow! That's totally sweet!