Sunday, January 22

Splish Splash

Some kids have a "blankie," others have a teddy bear. Toddlers are known to enjoy having things of comfort around them ... our little guy is no different ... but has no favorite blanket or bear. He has TIGER! The furry little feline was our only purchase on Hayden's very first trip to the zoo right after his 1st birthday. He wanted nothing to do with it for the first few months he owned it, and it really just sat on a shelf in his room. One day he decided to play with it, and has literally clung to him ever since.

Last week during dinner, Hayden decided that his beloved Tiger was thirsty, and poured his chocolate milk all over his little friend. It was a mess, and so Tiger went in the hamper, much to the dismay of our little guy! Instead of just throwing it in the wash, I thought it might be a nice opportunity for a "teachable moment," for Hayden to get to wash Tiger ... perhaps it'd make him decide that the mess was not worth giving Tiger any more chocolate milk, and he could help clean his best buddy.


The "rinse" cycle ...

So ... the whole "this cleaning the Tiger is so horrible I will never pour chocolate milk on him again" didn't really work, because Hayden LOVED giving the bath ... so after the second one, we convinced him it was time to dry Tiger off and wait a few more days ... or weeks, before venturing to the sink again. It was an incredible opportunity for us to get to see Hayden's gentler side ... instead of putting Tiger in his trucks and ramming them into a wall, he was incredibly nurturing and gentle. PRECIOUS! NExt time we'll just give Tiger a bath BEFORE there is any chocolate milk involved! What a great little boy we have! :)

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