Thursday, November 13

I USED to be a Neat Freak!

Winter is definitely here, and I have decided that playing in the snow and getting all muddy is much more fun than cleaning it up! I have thought about what I could do to keep the floor clean after we've frozen to the point of losing limbs ... leaving shoes at the door, etc ... but am now determined to not be a mommy that screams "NOOOOOO" at the sight of mud hitting floor. We can clean it up together at the end of the day or let it wait ... there'll be more fun to be had outside tomorrow, why not leave it until then?

Don't get me wrong, I'll make sure shoes are off at other's houses, but we're (I'm) going to step away from the Lysol wipes and enjoy it all, even the mud!

Tuesday, November 4

YOU should read this ...

Today I drove the very less-than interesting journey from beautiful Rapid City to Sioux Falls ... I listened to the book on cd ... it's so interesting and made me think a lot, and I think that no matter who you are or what you believe, this is a book that will encourage thoughts that need to be pondered and dialogue that needs to be spooken ... here is an excerpt from the introduction ...

"God's politics is never ideological, but always intends to benefit human well-being. In particular, God reminds us of our obligations to the persons we often neglect: the poor, the vulnerable, and those otherwise on the margins. God's politics challenges both the political Left and the political Right to offer a new vision of faith and politics, a vision more in line with God's intentions and the common good."

Saturday, November 1


Hayden has become obsessed recently with how to spell nearly every word in his vocabulary ... so the other evening we played a little scrabble, and after "car" and "cat" and "dog" and "house" and "policeman" we ended up with those he called "his favorite words" ...

Book 'em, Danno!

Our little man wanted nothing more than to be a policeman like Uncle Pete! He had a great time at our Reverse Trick-or-Treat event at church, especially with his best pals!

We had a great dinner, a visit with the residents at the nearby nursing home, a hayrack ride, and lots of fun activities like the bounce house, pumpkin carving, and even bobbing for apples! The candy was definitely the winner of the night, though!

Our little bunny was not thrilled with her outfit but was a good sport! She was passed around and snuggled most of the evening and was very excited to have the attention! Mommy was the scariest one there ... I attempted to have my hair standing up to be me before coffee, but since my hair wouldn't stick up I went for the velcro rollers ... obviously not a great deal of thought, but that's ok.

Some other fun and exciting people we got to share the fun with ...