Thursday, November 13

I USED to be a Neat Freak!

Winter is definitely here, and I have decided that playing in the snow and getting all muddy is much more fun than cleaning it up! I have thought about what I could do to keep the floor clean after we've frozen to the point of losing limbs ... leaving shoes at the door, etc ... but am now determined to not be a mommy that screams "NOOOOOO" at the sight of mud hitting floor. We can clean it up together at the end of the day or let it wait ... there'll be more fun to be had outside tomorrow, why not leave it until then?

Don't get me wrong, I'll make sure shoes are off at other's houses, but we're (I'm) going to step away from the Lysol wipes and enjoy it all, even the mud!


Dustin and Kayla said...

i can't beleive u have snow already!

belovedaimee~ said...

there is a note for you in my blog ;)