Saturday, November 1

Book 'em, Danno!

Our little man wanted nothing more than to be a policeman like Uncle Pete! He had a great time at our Reverse Trick-or-Treat event at church, especially with his best pals!

We had a great dinner, a visit with the residents at the nearby nursing home, a hayrack ride, and lots of fun activities like the bounce house, pumpkin carving, and even bobbing for apples! The candy was definitely the winner of the night, though!

Our little bunny was not thrilled with her outfit but was a good sport! She was passed around and snuggled most of the evening and was very excited to have the attention! Mommy was the scariest one there ... I attempted to have my hair standing up to be me before coffee, but since my hair wouldn't stick up I went for the velcro rollers ... obviously not a great deal of thought, but that's ok.

Some other fun and exciting people we got to share the fun with ...


Kayla said...

hahaha i do LOVE velcro rollers!

Peter Kerby said...

Thats my lil officer Hayden!!!! you can be my partner any day!!!