Saturday, September 4


DK news:
After a little begging, the doctor has allowed me to change my cast. I now have a robotic-like cast wrapped around my leg. They call it a walking boot although I'm not allowed to walk on it. Does that make much sense? I am healing up nicely. Physcial therapy started on Friday which was kinda cool...they hooked me up to some electrodes which massaged my ankle and a controlled environment, they electrocuted me. Good times!

Hayden news:
We were told that once Hayden turned 1, a lot of changes would start to occur. One of these good changes is that he's starting to take his first steps. Here's a couple of picks of Hayden walking between daddy and mommy!

Vocabulary is something fun to help a child develop. Of course one of Hayden's words in his vocabulary tank is "BALL". I'm a proud dad. Now, if I could only find a set of golf clubs for a 1 year old...

Church Plant news:
Katy called Wal-mart yesterday to ask if we could set up a booth outside their store. They asked what we would be selling and Katy answered by saying we're not selling anything...we just want to pass out free hot dogs and lemonade. The guy didn't know how to respond! He said, "Of course! Nobody has ever wanted to just be nice when setting up a booth!". SO, if you're in Manhattan on October 10th...stop by Wal-mart for a free hot dog and lemonade...maybe we'll even tell you about an exciting new church in the area.

Also...concerning "events"...on September 24th we've entered our church in the Tailgate Contest at one of our local high schools. Basically, everyone walks from group to group tasting their food and getting to know each other. This is all done before the Homecoming football's a pretty big deal in area we're doing this. I wonder if the news about a brand new church might come up while people visit our section of the party... just think of all the exciting new people we get to meet!

We hope you are all planning to relax and enjoy a 3 day weekend. Make sure you catch some some good food...and invest in your families!


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