Friday, September 17


As soon as Hayden could crawl, he started getting into EVERYTHING! Cabinets, cupboards, toilets ... if he could get into it, he would. So, we child-proofed (sometimes I think it's mommy and daddy proof too!) everything except for a few drawers with contents that we determined couldn't hurt him or be hurt by him, and of course, Hayden found them quickly! Now that he's semi-walking, he gets to them much easier, and stays at them longer! This is his favorite drawer ... it's got the cooking utensils: spatulas, spoons, measuring cups. It's so funny because he's in there so much we end up washing it all everyday even though we never use them! The next drawer down is his second most favorite, the dish-towels! He throws them out, them puts them back in, and hides the spatulas and spoons and measuring cups under them. HaHa!

Now, what is Hayden's idea of fun after a long day of emptyping all the drawers in the kitchen?

It's to see Daddy, of course! Usually when David gets home, Hayden, Abby, and I are waiting for him outside ... actually, not waiting ... I'm usually pulling pieces of mulch out of Hayden's mouth and holding Abby so she doesn't go leave a "present" on the neighbor's yard, but nevertheless, we're outside and anxiously awaiting David's arrival from a long day at work.

We hosted a RLC Children's Ministry meeting this morning and are preparing for our January launch, as well as ensuring things are running smoothly for our launch team meetings and Sunday services now. It was a great meeting and I'm so thankful to have been called to such a special ministry opportunity with such special people! David was there, as he is the "overseerer" of the Youth/Children's Ministries, Jena is the Children's Ministry Director, Kodee is doing Upper Elementary, and I am in charge of the Nursery.

I had to early to go to the doctor ... I've had swollen glands and a sore throat for several days and we wanted to make sure it wasn't anything serious ... and 30 minutes in the waiting room and $20 later we were assured that it is nothing more than severe allergies or a virus, so thank goodness! :)

We are looking forward to a weekend of refreshment ... we've got several "dinner parties" planned and are excited to be able to spend time with good friends ... tonight, a dinner party at the Schlegel's, tomorrow I'm going to experience the art of Manhattan "garage sale-ing" with Becky and Tami ... which will be my 3rd garage sale trip ever, then we'll probably take Hayden and Alli (Tami's daughter) to the zoo. This is all my attempt to finally give David some peace and quiet at home so he can finish preparing his message ... he's doing a wonderful job on it ... and it is so powerful ... I can't wait for him to share it with you! Saturday evening we're going to a barbeque at Lenny and Tami's, and having RIBS! Yummy!

Alright, I think that's all for now! Hayden is napping so I'm going to go rest for a bit!

Come, be my disciples, and I will show you how to fish for people. Matthew 4:19 NLT

Wherever we go ... it is a mission field for God. Lord, help us to be conscious of this, so that we may tell others the joyous message through our compassionate love, our kind words, and our selfless actions.

Yes, Hayden is sporting what I like to call his "college guy do" ... we're actually not trying to keep up with the latest hair trends ... we've just not cut it for awhile, like since vacation ... i actually like it when it's a little longer, but when it gets to the length it is now crazy things start happening ... food seems to get lost in it, Abby likes to play with it, and Hayden definitely can't stand the amount of time it takes to wash it. Anyway, you'll hopefully see pictures of a haircut in the very, very near future!

Have a Blessed Day!

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