Monday, September 6


One of the memories I wish my mind could remember would have to be the good ol' days of "baby nakedness". Wouldn't life be great if we, as adults, were still allowed to run all over the world dressed only in a diaper...that's my happy place!

Katy's family came to Manhattan for a Saturday visit. G-ma Teresa was able to hold both of her grand-babies all day long. In case we haven't mentioned yet, the beautiful little 9 month old sitting on G-ma's lap is our niece...Elizabeth.

Our Labor Day has been eventful thus far...Katy has been sick all day which requires "gimp-boy" (me) to corral our little boy from room to room. Crutches are a great parenting tool which directing a child to his highchair.

Katy is feeling a little better, but the problem can't be fixed today...the source is actually her jaw which causes migraines...which leads to upset tummies and dizziness. Not fun for her...especially when there isn't a cloud in the sky and it's 70 degrees. Pray for her. She's scheduling her first appointment with the dentist since being told of an 18 month process that'll cost $5000. Satan really seems to think he can discourage us by affecting our finances and health. If I had any respect for him, I'd let him know that his efforts are pointless. However, I'd prefer to waste his those of you who he is can thank us.

Rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS. Again I will say, REJOICE!

(Philippians 4:4)

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