Monday, October 25


There has been a lot of sneezing ... coughing ... and Kleenex's going around the Kinnan house for the last few days. Hayden got his flu shot a week ago tonight, and it has been downhill ever since ... he and I have both been feeling pretty crummy lately, but with no fevers and David not catching it ... it's much better than it could be!

Church was so uplifting last night! About half of the launch team is in Colorado for a prayer retreat, but the rest of us, including several newcomers (YIPEE!) enjoyed a service full of beautiful musical worship, and time devoted to group-discussions about the purpose of church through what is said in different passages of the Bible. It was extremely educational, plus, a wonderful time to get to know others even better ... community, community, community! :)

Today was a beautiful day, and we hope that yours was too! I want to share a passage that I came across this morning ...

Your words are truth, and you have promised these good things to me. 2 Samuel 7:28 NLT

My devotional book elaborated on this passage through a parent's perspective, saying that the ONLY way to provide the right home for your children is to put the Lord above them, and fully instruct them in the ways of the Lord. You are responsible before God for the home you provide for them.

We are so thankful for the precious blessing of Hayden that God has entrusted to us, and are confident in the knowledge that He has brought our family together and through His wisdom and perfection, and our seeking to glorify Him in all that we do and all that we say and all the decisions that are made ... our family will be one with a foundation of Him ... and what could be better!? Our prayer today is that for those of you who are already experiencing the joys of parenting ... and those of you who will ... and even those who won't ... that God is and will forever be your source of comfort, of strength. of guidance, and so much more!

We Love You!

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