Wednesday, October 13

Fall Break!

Sunday evening Hayden and I went to my parents house for my Fall Break. Mom was off Monday and Tuesday, so it worked out great! We had a lot of fun and Hayden especiall enjoyed playing with cousin Liz ... who is crawling everywhere and can definitely hold her own with her older cousin! :)

Hayden can only use the pacifier for naps and bedtime now, and he's not liking it ... so he "borrowed" Liz's a time or ... ten, and after we would show him that it was hers, he did the gentlemanly thing and would put it back in her mouth ... here he's trying without the pacifier?

Our little football star! Hayden's favorite toy of the moment is his football ... he's ALWAYS carrying it around, and he's got a pretty good stance, don't you think?

Monday evening we had spaghetti for dinner ... and Hayden loved it ... especially because it makes a mess!

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