Sunday, October 3

Guy's Night

Friday night was "Guy's Night" with the girls because our wonderful wives had ventured off into "Craft Land" (i.e. a special craft fair in town). Although it was difficult not to join the women as they went table to table looking at buttons, quilts, and rocking horses...we chose to watch the children. So, Aubrey and Amber joined Alli and Hayden for a night of excitement. Aubrey and Amber are the neices of our good friends Mark and Becky. Their daddy is helping the Iraqi's live in freedom. Alli is the daughter of our other good friends, Lenny and Tammy. So, 4 wonderful children...3 very capable men...they loved us! With the help of some maccaroni-and-cheese and mini corn-dogs...not to mention a little dancing with the help of The Sound of Music and Beauty and the Beast...we were a hit!

Church news:
Eric Norris, the lead pastor of our church plant, spoke today at the 3 morning services of our partnering church (Westview Community Church). We had a chance to pass out brochures and information cards for anyone interested in joining our "Launch Team". I haven't reviewed the cards yet, but Eric says there were a lot!

During the services, we had a group stationed in front of the church interceding for our church. It was an incredible worship time to see and be a part of. Wow...I'm learning so much about prayer. Without doubt, it is the foundational discipline of our new church. How exciting is that!

This week:
Katy is taking her final for the evening class she's been attending. She'll ace it.

I'm preaching this Sunday (Oct. 10)...God is directing me on certain things...I may develop it via this site just to get feedback.

This Sunday afternoon...before I preach...we're having our 2nd "Attraction Event". We'll be passing out 2000 free hot dogs/bag o' chips/drinks to 2000 Wal-Mart customers as they come and go. The manager told us to expect 10,000 people to visit the store during the 3 hours we plan to be out front. Isn't that incredible?!?! We'll update you on how it goes.

What isn't being preached in our churches that is critical to the spiritual development of it's members?

That's all for now. Don't be afraid to comment...I need your thoughts.


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