Sunday, October 24


For a second weekend in a row, we journied to the west for a weekend with my parents. I must say, it was relaxing. We just vegged on Friday night...Katy went shopping with Heather (my sister) and they came back with one of everything from Old Navy. I have a completely new wardrobe with "Old Navy" plastered all over it.

I played in a golf tourney on Saturday put on by BreakPointe Community Church while Katy hung out with Mom. I think they went back to Old Navy...unbelieveable.

Here's a random pic of Hayden and his disgust with "the gate" that was placed between he and the stairs.

So, why is this post entitled shocking? Well, Katy and I attended BreakPointe Community Church this morning. The message series was just kicking off with "COMMUNITY" being the topic. As an illustration, the pastor (my pops) ordered two pizzas to be delivered during the service. Now, you might say..."I've seen this done before, this is old school stuff." Well, when the dude arrived...he got tipped...a $550 tip to be exact. Say what? I'm not serious? I'll expose the entire picture: the previous week, the pastor (my pops) asked the congregation to give generously in order help meet someone's need...this was a special offering. The congregation shows up today...listening about community...learning about the dynamics of community. The pizza dude shows up and he gets the tip. The guy leaves...and all of a sudden...everyone feels united. Get where I'm going? Everyone felt they'd come together for a special cool is that! Nice illustration. Community must have purpose and trust. The pizza company showed trust. The church lived out purpose...bringing about community!

Dad had called the pizza joint beforehand to set the whole thing up. He asked them if they'd be willing to send out a delivery person who was in a lot of financial need. He got turned down by Pizza Hut and Papa John's...but...Domino's took the challenge! In fact, they made sure the guy's fiancee (who just gave birth 6 months ago) was there! He's working two jobs desperately trying to make ends meet. They was awesome!

The main purpose of this "tipping event" was to serve as a precursor to their EXTREME CHRISTMAS Sunday in December. On that Sunday, "more giveaways bigger than this" will be handed out to those in big need.

Hmmm...the church meeting the needs of it's people by using the resources of its people. Does that sound like the early Acts church? I think so...

That was our weekend.


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