Tuesday, March 28

And One, And Two, And ...

I have always wanted to be healthy. All through school I was in sports ... I was active ... but never really liked "exercising." In college it was easy to stay fit, because walking miles and miles all over campus made it absolutely unnecessary for me to ever give a thought to doing anything else. One child and several years later, that is not so. I want to be healthy ... I want to have energy ... I want to be more active than I am now, not only just for me, but also to model for Hayden the importance of being healthy. I'd be somewhat dishonest, though, if I didn't say that it may also have something to do with hoping to finally fit in to those pre-pregnancy jeans that have been alluding me for the last two years!!!!!

Last Monday, Chasity (one of David's co-workers who also became my friend) and I decided to say YES to health and NO to precious sleep, and met at the gym at 5:30am for our first workout. Although I skipped town for a visit with my parents for a few days last week, we've been regulars and I'm really enjoying myself! It's amazing the energy that comes from waking up at the crack of dawn and jumping right on a tredmill.

They say it takes 21 days to make something a "habit" ... we'll see! :)

Have a GREAT Day!

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