Wednesday, May 24

Graduation Sunday!

It was certainly a bustling weekend ... but an exciting one! On Sunday, we headed back to my alma mater to see the "baby" of our family, Pete graduate!

As soon as we got to Grandma and Papa's, though, Hayden had some business to attend to ... a ride on the lawn mower! First thing's, first!

Since the graduation ceremonies are held in the gym ... which gets quite crowded and warm, we opted to have Hayden and cousin Liz hang out in the commons area, and they had a blast chasing each other around and carrying on their own little "toddler" conversations ... after they got through with the staring contest you see below ... I guess they had to get used to each other again!

After the ceremonies ... all done with diplomas to prove it! (Pete's the one on the far right).

Jennifer, Katy, and Lara at Pete's reception.

The most precious goodbye kiss in the history of the world: Hayden is saying bye to his Great-Grandma Bush! He and Liz had a great time playing in the sandbox with Grandma!


Holly said...

Awww... Too cute! Looks like you guys had a great time. Has Heather had her baby yet? Thought she was due earlier this week. I keep checking their blog but no news.... Ah!!!

David and Katy said...

No baby! :( We're patiently (and anxiously) waiting, but will post news as soon as we know! They'll induce on June 2nd if baby doesn't come by then! :)

Holly said...

Thanks for the update! I'll be praying!