Monday, May 29

Lord of the Rings

One of my very best friends got married this past weekend to another very good friend of ours. Ben Rotz and Kerianne McFarland got hitched and are experiencing the joys of their honeymoon as I type this.

The man of the hour, of course, was H.T....he was the ringbearer and an indredible job he did! He was certainly a very mature 2 year old during the course of the weekend ... and especially through the wedding photos! He left us speechless and the entire wedding party entertained as he even posed for the photographer by fixing Ben's tie and giving Kerianne kisses - what a special little man we have!After walking up the aisle, he stood next to me just below the stage. I have a confession: As Hayden got resless, my mind began to search for a solution. Instincts kicked I told him he was in time-out and he had to sit there until Daddy let him up. I know, I'm horrible...but it worked! During this elongated time-out, Daddy did provide H.T. with candy and a cool, yellow car. After Mommy finished her scripture reading, Hayden got to go sit with her and see the view from the other side of the church!

Enjoy the picks...we expect to put more up in the future.

Proud of my boy,

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Hummel Family said...

So glad your little guy did his job right! Now let's pray Caislyn can do the same thing in 3 weeks.

Katy, thanks for your comment on our blog the other day..if you ever want to talk more about this "Medicine" we were on email me at I'd love to chat...I know how ya feel...we were on a roller coaster ride for a year and a half.

Have a good weekend