Wednesday, July 7

July 4th Traditions

Since David has updated you on what went on yesterday, I'm going to talk about our "family time" this weekend. Here are some of the pictures we took on the 4th. We spent the holiday at home relaxing, and enjoying one another. Being the scrapbooker that I am, I was hoping for a family photo, but my arms are too short to take one of the three of us, and David is so tall my head always gets cut off if we try to take them ourselves. I'll survive! :)

After church in the morning we came home and relaxed, eating a light lunch to save ourselves for grilling in the evening. Although it was waaaay past Hayden's bedtime, we decided to go to Cico Park not far from our house to watch the fireworks with the rest of Manhattan. It was great and this being one of our first holidays we've spent at home, we're enjoying the chance to start fun traditions.

Today I unleashed my cleaning beast. Only a few days until we leave for vacation, and I have cleaned like I've never cleaned before. We absolutely cannot wait to have a week away, and are excited for the rest and relaxation ...

God Bless!

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