Wednesday, July 28

It's a Jungle Out There.

Although a popular saying for the chaos of the world ... my version describes something much closer to home. Our backyard, the jungle. At the start of summer we noticed some larger "plants" growing at the place where the yard slopes down, and thought this new greenery was pretty ... and free! These "pretty plants", however, grew into large weeds. Since our wildlife biologist friend Mark informed us that these pretty plants included, among other things, ragweed, we've decided they must go. I know, it sounds primitive that we allowed it to happen ... but with little time and even less money, we decided they weren't "that bad," but now, they must be destroyed!

For weeks I have been trying to tame the weeds and grass, picking up stone after stone from landscaping ventures of the past. It has been my mission this summer to clean it up, but I feel as though with every bush trimmed and every weed cut down, another ten come up. Today was one of the few days without rain for weeks, so I had a good time this morning working myself to exhaustion while Hayden napped. It will be cleaned. I will have victory over the ragweed. HaHa.

weeds ... bushes ... which is which? 

stones ... stones ... and more stones! 

On to other important goings-on around the Kinnan place ... David led our launch team meeting last night, and did a phenomenal job! God has truly gifted him with an amazing speaking ability, with so much wisdom, and he is such a man of God! I am so proud of him! We welcomed two new families into our Real Life Church family, one being our best buddies from Manhattan, Mark and Becky Neely! It is so great to share in this with such great friends! We are so thankful for the families that have answered God's call and joined us! Diane and Andy hosted our meeting, and made one of the best meals we have had in a long time ... she was a foods and nutrition major in college, and it was definitely obvious! :) Blueberry cheesecake ... yum! Please continue to be in prayer for Real Life Church!

Real Life Church 1 

Real Life Church 2 

David has a softball game tonight! We'll give you the stats tomorrow! :)

We Love You!

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David and Katy said...

Beyond shocking...perhaps "incredible"? Give me a second...I'm trying to find a word to describe my about "mine". She's all mine! Katy, I read your are so wonderful and I love you with my entire heart.