Thursday, July 8

Vacation, Here We Come!

The house is clean. The bags are packed. We are ready to go! It has been over a year since our last REAL vacation, and we are so excited! David is finishing up his packing ... or laying out the clothes he wants me to pack after I arrange my many years' supply of clothes just right so there's enough room in the suitcase for his. I'll get them to fit someway, somehow. We'll be gone for a little over a week, but it is my strong belief that one can never be too prepared. :)

David has one request for this blog ... he'd like me to post pictures of our new car that God has blessed us with. It's a 2005 Nissan Altima, but what made the difference for me was the 4-year warranty ... I love that! :) It's a beautiful, comfortable, reliable car and we are so thankful! Since Hayden's pictures were added already, it's ok with me ... a little weird, but ok ... haha.

I talked to my sister, Lara today, and she was going to pick up the newest pictures of Liz that were taken a few months ago. She's so precious! I'll see if we can put those on soon, too!

I'd like to say that we'll be thinking about you next week ... but I don't know if we'll be thinking about anything ... we'll probably be in a happy daze from being in the sun all day ... but know that you are always in our hearts and we love you!

God Bless!


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