Tuesday, July 20


Tuesday isn't even close to Friday! I read somewhere that a person needs 2 consecutive weeks of vacation...the first being time to unwind...the second being a time to "re-string" your mind. I think I agree. Taking last week off just wasn't adequate.

Katy and I have our weekly "Launch Team" meeting tonight. We've hooked up some childcare during the meeting which will certainly help us focus a little better. I'm right in the middle of reading Phil Stevenson's "The Ripple Church". It's about established churches planting new churches out of themselves. Great read so far!

I'm having fun connecting to old friends from college through their blog sites. What a great tool!

*Notice the changes to our site*
1. Rather than post an unending list of links, we'll present a "Top 5" each week.
2. DK is creating links to different articles of his. Comment on them if you'd like.
3. More blog links of our friends are being added...if you'd like your site added...send us the link.

You know...when you ask God for peace, He always gives it in abundance. I've needed peace lately. If you need peace...maybe some clarity...ask God...He knows how to give it. I keep thinking about Psalm 71...great words!


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