Tuesday, July 27




What a weekend! During an incredible service in Salina, Kansas, David was ordained as a pastor for the Wesleyan Church. With the amazing work of grace that God has done in our lives, it was easy to see the hand of God in this service.
We has such a great time seeing family and friends.

Before the actual ordination service, our church plant (Real Life Church) threw us a party to celebrate David's ordination along with the ordination of our Lead Pastor...Eric Norris.

In other news...
Just before the wonderful weekend of ordination, David finally received his diploma from IWU. Yes, for those of you who might already understand, IWU is now paid in full...so they sent the piece of paper that represents 5 years of great times at Indiana Wesleyan University.

Our last story of the night...
We went to Abilene, Kansas this afternoon to enjoy some good family time. Katy's parents, sister, grandma, and our niece joined us as we took a tour of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Museum. It was incredible! We listened to actual conversations between JFK and IKE...L.B. Johnson and IKE. These phone conversations weren't about dinner plans...they discussed WW II and the Vietnam War. It was so exciting!

This is the tomb in which Dwight, his wife, and 4 year old son are buried.

This is President Eisenhower's home from the age of 8 until 21 (when we left to attend West Point).

This is the mother-of-all statues.

Jeff and Heather have been visiting us today now that we're back in Manhattan. It's so good to have family that you also consider to be friends!

David is leading the church plant Launch Team in tomorrow meeting.

As you can see, this blog will not consist of "paragraphs" or "unfragmented sentences".

For those of you who attending the ordination service...thank you...it really meant a lot.

- DK & KK

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