Thursday, August 5

This Week

Yes, it's true. We haven't blogged since last Saturday. Why, you ask? It wasn't for lack of want or even lack of goings on to talk about. Actually, we have no excuse, but I will hopefully catch everyone up on our week at the Kinnan house!

First, the most exciting for these new parents who find it hard not to live and breathe for each new "trick" Hayden does ... he has started clapping. Not just when he's happy, though ... he claps ALL the time, and has quite the rhythm! He's also standing up on his own, not holding on to the couch, or us, or anything ... many times to clap ... it's hard to believe that he's less than a month away from turning a year old! Time flies when you're having fun!

Sunday I was a bit under the weather, so David took on many different roles, including nurse and sole diaper-changer. He was so amazing and it was nice to be able to rest and know that everything was taken care of. What a perfect husband God has blessed me with! :)

Monday morning our Children's Ministry had a meeting at Jena's and it was so great to outline some guidelines and policies, as we look to and plan for Real Life Church's January launch date. Every time we meet for anything to do with Real Life Church, I sense God's presence ... I fully believe and and so thankful for His perfection in ordaining this time and these people to serve. God is so good! David had a softball game Monday night, but they had to forfeit because they didn't have enough guys. They did get to scrimmage, though, which gave them good practice for their tournament in Hutchinson which is NEXT weekend, not this weekend like we had thought. That would have been a long drive just to wait a week. Ha.

Tuesday afternoon we VOTED in the primary election! We were so proud of ourselves ... we had researched and learned about the different candidates and were so excited to be a part of such an important tradition and civic duty! We hope you all voted, too! November 2nd is coming fast! Tuesday evening we had our launch team meeting at the Emig's beautiful new home just outside of Wamego. We welcomed a new member, Becky, and had a great meeting! More good news to report ... we have found a place that we will be able to consistently meet in until our launch date in January ... the Christian school between Manhattan and Wamego is renting two buildings to Real Life Church for much less than we had budgeted, which is a huge answer to prayer! The meeting was followed by some ice cream cake to celebrate Megan Emig's birthday ... Hayden got a taste test ... and his diapers have not yet gone back to normal. Yuck.

Tonight we are going to Becky and Mark's for dinner and planning for our Bible Study this Sunday afternoon. David and Mark are leading a study on "Raising Godly Children" for our young parents small group through Westview. It will be a great time of fun with our great friends ... plus, Becky is an awesome chef! :)

For a follow-up on Saturday's news ... the heat and lack of mulch the yard-work is at a stand still. Mark is bringing mulch over in the next few days, and my brother Pete will be down within the next few weeks to choppy-chop with the chainsaw. He's so nice to help us! As for the war on the fat, Hayden and I have been walking in the mornings ... nice, long stroller rides do wanders for our little guy ... and David and I have been spending lots of time with our newfound friend, the Gazelle. We'll keep you updated on our progress. We gave up soda a few weeks ago, and although I thought life wouldn't be as sweet without it, I am doing alright. I'm a nut.

"You are to take His message everywhere, telling the whole world what you have seen and heard." Acts 22:15

We are called to follow Christ onto our streets and into our neighborhoods. The outward journey, that journey which takes us beyond our own small world to the world in need, is the inevitable outworking of a genuine inward journey. They cross points in two directions - toward God and toward my neighbors. Billy Graham

May God use you to share His love in a special way today.
We Love You!

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