Thursday, August 12

Science Experiment

The thoughts in my head say:
If a person so desires, each day of their life could be a repeat of the previous 24 hours. Roll this around in your mind. What did you do differently today that you didn't do yesterday? I have to admit that it's easy for me to dig out a trench of custom and habit for my weeks and months. I have set meetings on Tuesdays @ 6:30 pm, Thursdays @ Noon and 6 pm, Fridays @ 6 am, Sundays @ Noon and 6 pm. Mondays usually bring a softball game. Wednesdays and Fridays are family nights...are you seeing what some would call a routine? It's so easy to only "attend" these meetings. I want to engage.

From now on, in my science experiment that most call "life", I am choosing to reach into the chemical cabinent to select a different reactionary agent to provide some cool "bubbles" and explosions for my days. Spontaneous letters and gifts for Katy and Hayden...Games...less TV...less computer...more face-to-face interaction with friends and complete strangers. Being so comfortable has actually exhausted me. Strange though, huh?

As for current news:
We have found our puppy! What puppy? To shorten the story, over two years ago, I got a pure-bred golden retriever...great dog! This spring, "Roy Williams, Jr." was stolen from our backyard.

I'm not ashamed to admit that both Katy and I had a difficult time with this...tears had to be wiped away from both of our faces.

A time has come to add to the Kinnan family...meaning...a new puppy. August 26th is Hayden's very first and daddy's present is a puppy.

Wanna know what kind? I'm not telling. You'll see a picture eventually...

My softball tournament is this weekend...we play tomorrow night @ 9pm. This is serious stuff now, folks. It's time to prove my manhood! It's time to represent God by hitting homeruns and turning double-plays! Whatever.

Reaching for new chemicals to add,

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