Sunday, August 29

Puppy Love.

It's been a very relaxing and refreshing Sunday! This morning we enjoyed some time at home and went to Becky and Mark's for our small group at noon. We ate lunch and enjoyed the company of our newest members, Wayne and Amber, who are expecting a baby in March. Lenny and Tami were at a softball tournament, so we're holding off for Chapter 1 until next time. It was a great few hours of good food and great fellowship, with Hayden providing some musical entertainment with Becky's pots and pans! This evening we're going to church at 6 o'clock, and are looking forward to seeing everyone after missing last week!

Our newest addition is still taking some getting used to, but i'm finally to the point that I don't feel bad putting her in "time-out" in her little doggie house after she does her business in the house ... it's getting easier to tell when she's needing a trip outside, so the number of accidents has gone down significantly ... I wish they came house-trained! :)

I've got some great pictures of Hayden and Abby playing yesterday, but they're on the camera that's in Hayden's room, and he's napping ... so I'll add them later! He's got a bit of a fever and has since yesterday. We're blaming it on his teething, because there are several new ones that are coming in, but it could be anything.

Love to All!

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