Wednesday, August 25

5 Days/4 Nights...all inclusive!

Where have we been?

At 2 pm (CST) on Friday, I was admitted into Mercy Regional Health Center (i.e. the hospital). Diagnosis: DK's going under the knife! I will spare the graphic details of what the doctor did, but the general problem was that the MRI showed that I'd torn part of my calf muscle which then caused some internal bleeding to go on for awhile in my leg...that's not a good thing. was scheduled to remedy my problem.

As we all know...doctors have to keep their tee times on the weekends...and much to my dismay they were unable to finish the surgery on Friday. SO...the 5 Days/4 Nights all inclusive stay was not in a luxury resort with sandy white beaches and a low roar of crashing waves against the shore. I was in a bed...loaded up with morphine...waiting till Monday for the completion of my surgery.

After-surgery cast
I'm home home Tuesday at 10 am (CST). The anesthesia and morphine is still making its way out of my system (not fun). I have a bottle of narcotic I the only one that things that's unsafe for me? I've only taken one...and no...I don't plan to sell what I don't use.

That's the reason for our absence.

Now...for better stories...

We offically have a new addition to our family: Abby!

Once we've got our feet back on the ground, we'll have more and better pictures.

Without obligation, I must close this blog by saying my wife is incredible. Here is what she has been managing over the past week:

1. 1 year old baby boy
2. First week back in classes
3. Husband in the hospital
4. Planning and then cancelling Hayden's 1st B-day party which would have brought 25-30 to people to our home. (Daddy is having a hard time with this one...we are re-scheduling)
5. A ten-week old puppy

Seriously...I dare anyone to try all that. Katy is an incredible woman with a heart that will take me years to understand. She is so generous...I love her more now than ever before.


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