Monday, August 9

The Calm After the (thunder) Storm.

We had quite the weekend, and would love to share it with you! On Friday, David and Ben went to Colbert Hills (rated one of the top 100 courses in the nation, #1 in Kansas) to golf ... and got on for 18 holes for free (fully equipped with GPS to know he was 183 yards from the snack bar), compliments of Aaron, one of their youth at Westview that is working at the course while on summer break from Oklahoma Wesleyan. It was a great time of relaxation for David ... especially because of the "free" part! :)

On Saturday morning Hayden and I left for my folks house, leaving David and giving him some quiet to prepare for his sermon on Sunday. The Kuckelman's, my aunt Jo Ellen, uncle Mike, and cousins Sara, Jacob, and Matthew live in London and left Sunday for home after a month-long visit, so there was a dinner/celebration in their honor. It was held at "Jerry's Again" the restaraunt Mike's sister and brother-in-law own in Atchison, that is named in honor of their parents' now-retired restaraunt, "Jerry's". It was a great time of food and fun and family ... and we slept well after the long evening. We'll add more pictures soon ... I need to gather them all from others who had cameras there.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Hayden has graduated to the big boy car seat! While we were at Grandma and Grandpa Kerby's for the weekend, they gave us an early birthday gift ... and we used it right away! Hayden looks so much more comfortable (he was getting too tall for the little car seat) and definitely appreciates the view better ... the back window would get pretty boring after looking at it for almost a year! We're excited about trips now that our little guy is seeing where we're going ... he's much more excited to be in the car now!

David preached his first sermon as Assistant Pastor on Sunday in our new temporary facility at Flint Hills Christian School! Two blessings! There were 13 adults for the service and five children ... the service was so touching ... i have found a true benefit of the early days of church planting, and that is the intimacy that grows among the launch team group ... we have become so close, so open, so vulnerable to one another, and I believe God is using this time to reveal Him self in so many ways, especially to me through the genuine and loving hearts of the other team members. The musical worship time was amazing ... it's not often you can sing a hymn at church and hear the voices of nearly everyone around you. It was so simple, but so spirit-filled. I felt so many emotions as Real Life Church became so "real" to me ... we had prayer time and communion ... and David spoke. His sermon was more of a sermonette or devotional not only because of the size of the group, but also because it is more conducive to others sharing their thoughts during the time ... asking questions, offering their views on scripture, etc. It's a great thing that I cherish now, because it may not be the same setting as we grow in number.

David spoke on the stories of Adam & Eve and of Job ... similar stories in that they lost everything they had, but for for very different reasons. Using John 15, David focused on Jesus' parable with God as the farmer, Christ as the vine, and we as the branches ... and the difference between being disciplined and being pruned. It was such a wonderful message ... and very relevant in our lives as Christians, and as launch team members!

As soon as we left the service a thunderstorm arrived ... and stayed for awhile. The winds were terrible, but we got some much needed rain. It was a sunny and beautiful day, today! Shine, Jesus, Shine!

We Love You!

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