Sunday, August 15

Softball + DK = Injury

We had a great time last Thursday when Uncle Pete came to visit! He helped us trim some things in our work-in-progress backyard, and lended me some of his arm strength to carry some heavy stones. Hayden enjoyed showing him some cool tricks on the XBox, too! We're painting the master bedroom and bath, which is making the yard work much more pleasant, because we absolutely detest painting! Ahhh!

On Friday afternoon, we headed to Hutchinson for the state softball tournament with the Westview team. Grandpa and Grandma Kerby came to visit and watch Hayden for the weekend ... my first night without Hayden since he was born ... scary! It was a great weekend of fun and fellowship with the first game on Friday night at 9pm and a busy day of games on Saturday. We stayed at the Harvest Wesleyan Church's parsonage, which was so generous of them to offer to us! I could ramble on about everything else BUT softball, but I'll try my best and let David add on to whatever I missed. I do know that they were 2-4 ... but played so well at their first ever tournament as a team! They're actually a compilation of two Westview teams, so they did well considering the circumstances. I'm not just saying this because he's my all-star, but David played so well ... and hit the ball like a pro ... and did a great job at 1st base!

By the end of Saturday after 5 games in the south-central Kansas heat :), there were many injuries and a tired group of guys (and wives!). David was among the most serious of the wounded ... he got hurt in the 4th game and his stubbornness helped him tough it out through the remaining two games, much to my dismay! We think his right calf muscle has a bruise, so it's deep and definitely uncomfortable, and he's got a great new strut. If it's not any better in the next few days, he WILL be going to see the doctor. :)

David's addition:
I learned 3 things at our softball tournament this weekend:

1. Mennonites know how to play softball.
They handed us a defeat after 3 innings...yes...only 3 innings were played because they hit enough homeruns and triples to get to 15-0 by the end of the third inning. It's the first softball game I have ever played where I only batted once.

2. I'm not 17 years old and invincible.
Perhaps it's due to being out-of-shape, but my body hurts SOOOOOOOO bad! In our 4th game, I hit the ball and took 3 steps towards first...and all of a sudden a pain that I have only felt a few times developed in my left calf. My calf is so swollen and I walk like Egor. We played a total of 5 games just on Saturday...if we'd won more...we would've played 7 or 8!

3. I don't care if I'm not 17.
I've already committed to another tournament two weeks from now and our fall softball league starts in 3 weeks. Pain? Who cares!

After an exciting and tiring day of softball, we came home to a quiet and very clean house (thanks mom and dad) ... and they had even done all kinds of work in the backyard, and Hayden was sleeping soundly. I survived my first night away from our little guy! Yipee! If I have anything to do with it, I probably won't be having another one anytime soon, but at least I know I can do it!

Tonight we had a phenomenal service at Real Life Church ... most of the time was focused on prayer, and you could truly feel God's presence. We are so thankful that God has called us to this place with these people and at this time ... His perfection is just that ... extraordinary and divine.

Tomorrow morning (Monday) I go to the dentist for tests ... hopefully they will figure out what to do about my TMJ ... I can't stand it anymore! Please pray for wisdom for Dr. Wisdom (catchy last name for a denist, huh!?), and for courage for me!

"Almighty God, to know you are unchanging gives me peace in a frighteningly changing world." Billy Graham

Have a Blessed Week!
We Love You!

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