Wednesday, August 18

Sonograms and MRI's

The swelling has continued which prompted a phone call to the Doc early this morning. He ordered me to visit the orthopedic specialist across town. His diagnosis: a torn muscle...AND...possible continual bleeding from that injury...thus, swelling...lots of swelling. Once this new guy was done with me...he sent me to the hospital to get a sonogram of my leg. The purpose of this test was to look for blood clots. I got over to the hospital and they ushered me into this room with two women sitting at large, torture-like machines. One woman commands me to drop my pants and get on the bed. At this point I'm experiencing two emotions: fear that I will never leave this room and shyness now that my pants are down in front of two women I don't even know. SO, I drop my pants and hop on the table so I can allow this woman to probe all up and down my leg. Just about 15 seconds after she begins (remember, I'm a bit fearful that I have a blood clot which we all know isn't good) she screams out, "OH MY GOODNESS!" I immediately, using my hasteful voice to say, "WHAT! WHAT!". Her response..."I need to fill up my gas tank before Pat uses my car!" Now, my face is displaying an "Are you serious?" look. I kindly asked her to keep any further outbursts to a minimum while we search my body for life-ending blood clots. She obliged.

Well, the sonogram was finally complete and no blood clots seemed to be visible. They released me back to the orthopedic's office. Once I returned, I was told an MRI will take my afternoon tomorrow...2 hours of being completely still! Is this possible?

I'm at home now...resting...keeping my leg elevated...wondering if I'm bleeding internally. If this is my last post...ever...remember this: There are no bad people...there's just people who haven't been loved yet.

New Topic:
Katy started classes today. I now know why her tuition went should see the size of her syllabi!

We finish the bedroom this evening...actually...Katy will finish with the 2nd coat because I'll be elevating and icing.

OH...Katy visited the dentist the other day (Monday) be tested for TMJ. She's got it. She's gonna get braces which doesn't excite her that much, but she's happy to have a possible cure/solution for her jaw. Braces: $4000, Test to be told you need braces: $300, Analysis of tests: $300, Sedation Dentistry: Priceless.

Mommy & Daddy pick up Hayden's present - 2 days
Hayden's B-day Party - 3 days
Hayden's actual B-day - 8 days

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